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So Now that Im not DDing the camaro Ive actually been workign on it.

I ordered the cam springs and rockers today, went a little smaller on this one. Actually quite a bit haha but it will run pretty darn good on the spray.

They are ready to ship and should ship out either today or monday. Im so pumped I just need to get it in, degree it, check PR length and order those, order my new opti, valve seals, and figure out what im gonna do with the water pump drive, I think Im gonna delete it so I need a SBC timing cover and timing chain.

Here is a clip of it idleing in a car with the same setup.
Through the exhaust
Open cutout

I think im gonna go ahead and pull the intake this weekend and run it to the powdercoating place.

posted by  Enthusiast

Damn, you're almost able to compete with the LS1!:asshake:

I'm just playing, my car is slow as balls and will be for quite some time. Anyways, I want to hear less talk and see more timeslips!

posted by  giant016

Those sound nice. I like how the dog jumps back in the second vid:laughing:

posted by  Spanky2324

You'd be surprised how good this ole LT1 runs. Ive beat quite a few LS1s.
It dynoed 286 headers only. no tune, not intake.

She runs pretty healthy, and shes rather light for an F-body.

posted by  Enthusiast

Yea, that's cool. Video Cameras can be alot of fun. What kind of video camera did you get?

I also like those videos you made too and like others said the dog is sooo funny!

posted by  Guru

I bought a camshaft not a video camera:banghead:

posted by  Enthusiast

Oh, wow. Sorry kind of read inbetween the line apparantly sorry... I need some rest apparantly... :sleep:

I only got a few hours of sleep over the past couple of days, please excuse me. :laughing:

posted by  Guru

Just out of curiosity, have you noticed that the link in your sig has been removed (well, changed, but all the same)?

posted by  giant016

Nobody changed that...I think he set it to that lol.

posted by  chris_knows

UPDATE: 3-25-08
Man A box with Summit on the side turns me on like Jessica Alba
Opened her up WOOOO
I love these rockers. They are so pretty.

I was gonna start today but I have a huge presentation for class due tommorrow and I havent even started on it so I should probably do that.

I need to order a few more parts. Pushrods, guideplates, opti, lifters, timing chain, and gaskets. I think thats it for now oh and some assembly lube.

Thursday Ill probably order the lifters and timing chain and guideplates, and go ahead and get the springs on and delete the waterpump drive as I have an EWP.

posted by  Enthusiast

Hey guys I got all the cooling system out and it only involved 3 coolant baths. Still cant manage to get the block drain plug out but since a new opti was going in I didnt bother.

Also I realized im getting spoiled. I get pissed off when I have to work on the ground Im so used to having a lift haha.

Got the waterpump prepped for powdercoatign didnt get to drop it off though, hopefully this weekend and maybe ill get the manifold back then. I cant wait.

The project then kinda stalled when no local parts store had a harmonic balance puller so I went ahead and polished the thermostat housing.
Ive finally got this polishing stuff down it came out exaclty like I like it. Dont pay any attention to the very end though because that part will be covered and it was so pitted I couldnt get it smooth and didnt feel like bothering with it. I think after what Ive learned on the housing Im gonna go back and redo the elbow since its pitted up real bad and doesnt have near as good a finish on it.
Here are some pics.
Oh and I just remebered I need to order some zoop seal.

posted by  Enthusiast

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