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well on Friday, there was a little mini meet/cruise.Wasn't anything big but sure was nice. Here are some of my favorite pics of my car from the meet. BTW sideskirts just painted silver ;D

Daytime pic (cellphone pic) 156140048_30033373_1691.jpg 156140048_30033377_3293.jpg 156140048_30033379_3870.jpg 156140048_30033361_5533.jpg 156140048_30033330_1479.jpg 156140048_30033338_3626.jpg 9991_677539_6839.jpg

There are also more pics of which i havent gone throught yet so more may come.

posted by  V-Tec 9991_677538_5624.jpg

(cellphone pic)

(cellphone pic)

posted by  V-Tec 156140048_30033369_112.jpg 156140048_30033375_2459.jpg 156140048_30033378_3488.jpg 156140048_30033347_3659.jpg 156140048_30033368_9133.jpg 156140048_30033329_1138.jpg 9991_677540_8413.jpg

posted by  V-Tec

Very nice pictures :)

posted by  Vanessa

Dang, those are some really good cell phone pics of those cars! They look almost professionally done the way they look that's amazing. If I may ask what kind of phone did you take the pictures on? And great work dude!

posted by  Guru

ok only 3 of those are cellphone pics... (the ones that say cellphone pic) the phone used was Motorola Rockr z6.

posted by  V-Tec

Nice pictures man. Damn everyones been going to meets and I haven't gone in a while. I wish my turbo would hurry up and get here:banghead:

posted by  Spanky2324

You're a very good fotographer. The pics with the cars and the skyscrapers are very beautiful. The grey Nissan Maxima (next to a BMW 3 series) is really nice.

posted by  Raf616

Great pics! Thanks for sharing! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

thanks for the replies... btw its an altima...

posted by  V-Tec

Did you take all of these?

posted by  jedimario

When are these from? I heard you guys got hit with a lot of snow there.

Awesome pics though.

EDIT: I see they are from Friday.

posted by  chris_knows

Oh, sorry, It was a mistake. That's why the Nissans Maxima and Altima aren't sold in Spain, so I don't recognize them very well

posted by  Raf616

I have a black Nissan Altima and love it, I really like the new Nissan Altima's, especially the black ones they look very good. The tail lights kinda give it unique shape. I don't think I have seen the newest one this year.

posted by  Guru

beautiful suby! i love em my fav cars. those are some pretty sweet shots!

posted by  SubarusRmyThing

Whoa! Nice photos! :clap:

I can't believe they were just taken from a camera phone

posted by  artemis

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