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Claw-boy takes RHD Skyline for a test-drive but never comes back. Forum members spot him cruising, get pictures, find his facebook, find his house, and eventually get him arrested. It's made XM Radio, front-page of Digg, and is going to be on Canadian news tonight.

Beyond EPIC ownage.

posted by  dodgerforlife


posted by  jedimario

:orglaugh: :orglaugh:

This is like that thread where the guy claimed he had an NSX, and people traced his IP and found out he was a sex offender but better lol.

BTW here (http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/147773/Beyond-Catches-Theif-Full-Story .html) it is in the news.

posted by  chris_knows

People on other forums nicknamed him "The Claw"

posted by  newyorker


posted by  dodgerforlife

Wow, that's amazing. Technology has grown so far they even have it where you can subscribe to companies that can GPS track your computer using their software and such it's pretty neat. It's kind-of a good feature if you have a laptop that you don't want information getting off of and you want it to stay secure.

posted by  Guru

LOL...Great stuff, big brother hey! :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

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