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hi im dukey im 16 and im confused on what car to get and yes i know that your thinking im 16 and why the hell am i thinking about this well im nearly 17 lol and im looking for a car. i want to modify it but only slightly( putting alloys on it lowering it and putting lexus style tail lights and angel eye head lights on it) but ive looked at so many cars and cant really decide if you could could you guys help me by telling me what car you would get to do what i want to do with it preferably a 3 door please thanks alot dukey

posted by  dukey

Hi dukey, you're a young guy and that's an important fact to look at when buying your first car. You should think about your personality, lifestyle, activities, what you like to do, etc. Also you have to have in mind your budget. There's quite a lot of options you can find out there, but just think about who you are, that will give you the answers. :wink2:

posted by  macal

Dont get a civic hatchback, we have enough ricers in the scene.

posted by  newyorker

Innit, lol I just came back from an auto chav fest at Donnington Park. Lexus lights are dying out thank god but the baked bean tin exhausts are unfortunately not.

Typical cars which fit your criteria:

Doubt you'll be able to get yourself insured on anything over 1.4 litres so start saving up, learning to drive isn't cheap.

posted by  fudge

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