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Broken Nervous System requires magic-carpet quality ride. Yes, it’s true, I’d much prefer to float through the air, than drive in a car. I had a brain injury a few years ago and a part of my brain, (the reticular activating system —don’t worry, this REALLY is a post about a car issue), doesn’t work very well anymore. This part of the brain screens out incoming stimuli, so my brain receives/process about 1000% more sound, noise, light, vibration, rattles, smell, temperature sensitivity, etc...than a normal brain. This makes driving quite draining for me. 4 hours in a car and I’m fried. 6 hours and I’m dysfunctional for 2-3 days. It’s quite a handicap, actually.

So, I REALLY need some advice on how I can make my car have a quieter, softer ride, with less road vibration noise. Buying a new (or used) Lexus, (or any other new/high-dollar car is not an option at this point) and I really love my wonderful 96 Buick Park Avenue, with just under 88K miles, and is like new in most ways. It would be considered a very nice, quiet, ride by most people with normally working brains and nervous systems...but it’s hard on me. I already do all sorts of Holistic Health type things to soothe out my brain to help me cope ..but IS there something I can do about different tires, or shocks, or air shocks...or suspensions? I don’t know about any of that stuff. Any way that I can turn my car into more of a magic carpet, other than taking some LSD? Any prompt replies would be greatly appreciated as I’m leaving for a long road trip in a week, and only have a few days to arrange and have any of your hopefully wonderful suggestions attended to.
Thanks a bunch :)

posted by  katrinasunshine

you wanna go on a magic carpet ride... smoke some acid, put on some steppenwolf... and watch the disney channel

posted by  redneckrider

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