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Post pictures you have taken at car shows

i will start with a couple

posted by  Headlines


posted by  Headlines

I could crash your browser with all my car show pics :laughing:

posted by  jedimario

Ok well how about just a few :wink2:

posted by  Headlines

I got a few but they suck
will have better ones sunday im goin to a charity show

posted by  newyorker mario.jpg pg pg

posted by  jedimario

Out of all those...I'll take this one!

posted by  BavarianWheels

ok my turn

posted by  Headlines

Ok why dont my pictures pop up like yours thye just sho as atttachment

is it cause i have not been here long enough ?? or some other reason I am doing somthing wrong

posted by  Headlines

more stuff

Little before and after action

posted by  Headlines

You have to link them from Photobucket or something, not upload them here.

posted by  jedimario

hmm well that sucks

i have a hard time counting to two scoops let alone learning more than one way to upload pictures

posted by  Headlines

You could upload them here, then go back, find the URL for the image and edit it into the text using the code. Of course that would be even harder then photobucket, never mind counting 2 scoops.
Edit: trying to see if my theory works
[IMG] 161938
Edit again: ok, so I was wrong...
Anyway, that is my grandpa's truck at a show

posted by  dvdrose18

some more

posted by  Headlines 00751_227422_6694.jpg 00751_227426_1280.jpg 00751_227427_1590.jpg 00751_227428_1890.jpg 00751_227429_2205.jpg 00751_227430_2511.jpg 00751_227432_3143.jpg 00751_227433_3454.jpg

posted by  newyorker 00751_227434_3770.jpg 00751_227435_4094.jpg 00751_227436_4417.jpg 00751_227437_4733.jpg 00751_227438_5050.jpg 00751_227441_6037.jpg 00751_227442_6367.jpg 00751_227444_7029.jpg

From a charity car show today..not the most artistic shots but whatever

posted by  newyorker

I like those shots. Some of those cars are amazing too.

posted by  chris_knows

MOAR!< br /> _jedimario.jpg .jpg

posted by  jedimario

A few more from 4/27 00751_227400_401.jpg 00751_227430_2511.jpg 00751_227443_6702.jpg

442whp 2jz powered s13 00751_227415_4627.jpg

~350whp srt-4 powered neon 00751_227390_7695.jpg

posted by  newyorker

You guys need better car shows. I entered a car show yesterday (got there 3 hours late) called Run Out East.

Well, the two stars were the Mclaren F1 and the Ferrari F50. Can't believe I got to see an F1...some teenage kid drove it home! :D

posted by  Car hippie

Look, there aren't that many rich people around here, k?

I find a nice tricked out Civic or Mustang to be pretty interesting anyway, I can look at F50s and F1s on the Internet and in magazines all day long but not any of the rides at some of these car shows.

posted by  jedimario

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