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Does anyone have any information on how to remove these wheels?

The vehicle they are on was purchased used and no instructions were included.

Thanks in advance,


posted by  HDCaesar

I'm not 100% sure what Omega spinners are, but I'm guessing that they're just like any other wheel, so you're going to want to bring it to a shop to have the tires removed from the wheel.

posted by  giant016

Here is a photo of the wheels. I am mainly interested in figuring out how to take them off the vehicle versus removing the tires themselves from the wheels.

posted by  HDCaesar

Hmm...I don't see any lug nuts, but they've got to be there somewhere. Either the part that spins comes off, or, more likely there is a center cap that can be popped off, and underneath it will be lugnuts that need to come off. Then the wheels should come right off.

I've never taken spinners off, so don't take my word as bible.

posted by  giant016

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