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Hey guys,

Did a bit a bit of a google research and couldn't find anything that was really helpful in answering my questions. Hopefully someone here could possibly shed some light on the subject. I have just moved to Vancouver and I am an Australian. I just have a couple of questions:

1. Can I lease a car if I'm not a Canadian Citizen?

2. Which company is best to get a lease with?

3. I am interested in a Golf GTI, Jetta or maybe a second hand small BMW (318i), how much would this cost approximately?

4. I have an international drivers license, is this good enough?

5. Lastly, what paperwork should I have to apply?

I have enough cash to buy a car (approx $9000) but am looking to lease as I only plan to live here for 1-2 years before moving back to Australia.

Thanks for your help in advance.


posted by  Andy D

Best thing to do would be to find an ICBC location near you, or try this website, it might have the information

posted by  Mathew

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