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Hi everyone, I need help with choosing new brake pads for my car. I found two types I am interested in. It's Carbon Mettalic and Cermaic, but I didn't find much of info on them, or actually everyone was telling that their's type is better. Can anyone tell me wich one I should buy. I am looking for more braking power and reliability. Thanks in advance for help.

posted by  Accela

What do you mean by "reliability"? Do you mean they have low brake fade, or that they are just well built?

posted by  abless

Sorry about that, Yes I meant a low brake fade.

posted by  Accela

What are they going on? You have to consider what you want to do with the car. Both these type of brakes work at high temperatures, and until you get them upto temp theyare not so effective.

If you want something that you can drive anywhere then stick with normal discs (rotors) and upgrade the calipers pads and cooling system for your brakes.

you can see the big problems with these types of brakes espcially on off roaders, hit water when they are at temp and you wont have much left of them, they simply fracture, as the material cools at vastly diffrent rates due to the planer thermal isolation.

I work for a company who looked into cermics for Jordon F1, and very effective just unsuitable for the rd.

posted by  cinqyg

That is very valuable information, thank you for sharing. I was just looking to replace my stock semi-metallick pads with something more efficient - higher friction coefficient, more stopping power and high heat resistance - due to mine heavy braking habit. I was thinking to install new larger rotors and calipers, but the price is a too high for me at this moment, so I am trying to get away with cheap solution at this moment

posted by  Accela

well you want something that can cool the brakes more effectively, so dding ducts would help. if your running steel wheels then if you change them for alloy that will also help.

What car are you fitting them to, you should be able to find a higher spec model or even a larger car might have compatible bolt on parts that you could source used to improve the situation.

posted by  cinqyg

I am trying fit them on Honda Accord 2000. The car is pretty much new, so there are not that many aftermarket parts around.

posted by  Accela

just use generic parts, you can add brake ducts really easily from eith behind your front grill or knock the foglamp fillers out and fix them in there they are avaible in most sizes, get your self down to your local motor sport suplier and they willhave them.

brakes, well call up a few manufactures, they might even give you a discount if they havent made any yet if you let them use your car as a template,

alloys well im sure you can sort some of those out. most alloy wheels are easily sourced, all you need the the PCD and offset measurement. Probibly find some on ebay.

Its easy to make body parts if you want to add skirts and spoilers etc. just find some you like on another car, doesnt even have to be a honda. take a firbre glass mould of it and the same on the area you want to attach the part, then you can shorten or lenthen the mould acourdingly and cast yourself some new ones, even start a little business. front and read spoilers you can get off any car you like the look of and make brakets etc to fit them.

in terms of an interior, with some careful measurement and a little bit of fabrication you can get most leather interiors to fit the any car about the same size. get your local cobbler to trim it up with some pipeing and it will look the dogs wotsits.

with a few basic skills and being able to stirke good deals with your local junk yard your can get a nice car for peanuts.

i got a set of leather seats for 3 pints and a bag of them so cant b bad.

posted by  cinqyg

That ia a GREAT idea. Will start work on it this weekend. Thanks for info and the ideas.

posted by  Accela

one happy customer.

posted by  cinqyg

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