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Hey guys the HONDA blew up. Well not really I just broke a timing belt, and I tell you what. Ive had chevys for like 5 years and never been left stranded or really had many problems with them. The first honda I buy has lft me stranded 4 times in 2 or 3 months. No more hondas for me, never again. I took exceptional care of the Accord to.

Right when I bought it I went though it and replaced ALL Fluids. Did flushes on everything but tranny since it was a manual and you cant I just drained it and put some redline fluid in it.
New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and a WHOLE bunch of suspension stuff and new CV axles. BAM she still constantly broke down so more than likely im getting something different. Im not really sure what to get though, dont even have the vaguest of ideas.

Im thinkin LT1 Trans Am, maybe do mild bolt ons to it and a bunch of suspension work and make a nice driver.

96-99 Silverado. I had one of these and I loved it. I can pretty much do anything to it and it was the most reliable vehicle I ever had. Drove it until it had damn near 200K and she ran like a champ.
Also relatively easy to get into the 14s which would be a fun truck.

NA Miata- Had a bunch of fun with the old 92,

Also found a 1980 Fiat Spider 2000 or somethign like that, looks like it could be a fun car.

Criteria. Must be fun, relatively cheap, NO FWD.

Any Ideas? Maybe a subaru?

posted by  Enthusiast

I'd go with the truck. That way if you build up your Camaro (which I assume you still have since it's still your sig.) you can have a vehicle to tow it to the track. Plus if you live anywhere with snow, 4WD is helpful. Not much fun, but helpful. Not to mention mudding:wink2:

posted by  Satty101

Oh I aint too worried about towing the maro. If she cant make it to the track and back under her own power without breaking something, then she aint doin her job.

Doesnt snow too much here in texas and if it does, I dont drive in it. Plus Ive driven the camaro in a little snow and it isnt that bad.

Im not gonna let some snow dictate what I drive. Cars are for fun.

The mudding on the other hand was a blast in the old Z71.

Oh and yah I still have the maro, she just wont be seeing DD duty anymore. She has been retired to the garage for nice days or when I go racing. Shes currently in the midst of a cam swap which was slightly delayed due to the honda and girls. BUT the new GF likes to help me work on it so it shouldnt be too much longer, just need to check valvetrain geometry and get my new chromoly pushrods and shes done besides reassembly.
New cam, lifters, springs, studs, and guideplates are in. Plus I just got my powdercoated stuff back and I finished polishing up everything I planned on doin.

posted by  Enthusiast

Ah. I didn't know you lived in Texas. I feel like an idiot for bringing up the thought of snow now. Haha, well, then I'd either go with a Z71 (still) or a Subaru. Scoobs are just way too much fun. Maybe a Fiero with a Chevy 350 swap? What exactly is your price range you're looking at? That'd help a lot with my opinions.

posted by  Satty101

Sorry to hear about the Honda. Are they generally reliable over there though? Over here you can't fault them!

posted by  Cliffy

Looks like you're mostly insterested in what you've already had. I say instad try restoring an old car, maybe making an all-out handling machine for AutoX.

posted by  giant016

Now were getting somewhere :mrgreen:

posted by  nighthawk

Generally, but with miles as any car there are things that need to be replaced, something that the previous owner probbably neglected to do and the problems all dumped on to Enthusiast

posted by  newyorker

How do you know it was the previous owner? It could have been the owner before that who said "oil not changed by previous owner" in his for sale ad. Always easier to blame the guy before you for not doing anything, right :wink2:

posted by  windsonian

To tell you the truth thats what Ive always heard But I had nothing but problems with them, wether my personal car or customers cars. My friends are the same way. A buddy of mine bought a brand new S2000 three dead motors later he sold it, and he took excellent care of that car.

My honda was exceptionally cared for. I have all the maintenace records and according to my records the timing belt was changes like 30K miles ago. Fortunately it was done at an affiliated shop so I looked up records and yep it sure was.

Price range really depends on the car. Nothing too expensive though. I probably woul;dnt go higher than 10K this is just a fun DD.

Ive tried the old cars and I wouldnt do one for a DD, they will just nickel and dime the shit outta you, plus im pretty picky about my cars and little things bother me so an old car would really get me.

Wont do a fiero cause I dont want another garage ornament haha.

PS. Newyorker I wont argue Honda with you. I think they suck, i sure you dont. But out of all the Chevys Ive owned not once has any of them EVER left me stranded and they are alot cheaper to maintain (atleast in my experiences, and dont forget I work in a shop). Different Strokes for different folks.

On a side note, the original non rebuilt motor and tranny in my old 69 firebird ran like a top after nothing more than a tuneup and fluid change after sitting for 17 years. I think thats a testament to GM longevity

posted by  Enthusiast

Oh I drove a miata today and I think I fell back in love, the only thing holding me back is I love a good on ramp blast and the miata just doesnt have the grunt.

posted by  Enthusiast

Throw a mustang v8 in there...its a pretty expensive swap though. To your other post, of all 3 cars I owned, none left me stranded either, I just feel more at peace owning a Honda cause they tend to be more reliable, but like every manufacturer there is a lemon in every bunch. Every brand has its ups and downs really, but domestics are generally cheaper to repair.

posted by  newyorker

Im sitting here complaining about unreliable cars why the hell would I tear out the miata motor and throw in a FORF MOTOR. I would be a huge hypocrit. HAHA:orglaugh:

posted by  Enthusiast

I was thinking the same thing. hahaha. Chevy 327?:mrgreen:

posted by  Satty101

Sorry I dont know the domestic all

Another popular swap is the 13b (i think) from the early model RX7, and of course you can boost it as well, they love that. If you boost, the models with the 1.8 are better because they have stronger internals..also try to find one with a torsen rear, so i heard

posted by  newyorker

I know quite a bit about the miata. A 13b into NA miata is a bitch. They rotarys go into the NC pretty easy as I think the NC and the RX8 share most of the front suspesion.

If I did a swap itd be packin Chevy power.

posted by  Enthusiast

Biased much?? lol

Miata is a great car, would definately make a fun DD, especially since you probbably see snow very rarely

posted by  newyorker

Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Well I dont think that everything has to be Honda related, enthusiast seems to think that if it doesnt deal with chevy it doesnt exist (or if it isnt tied to it)

posted by  newyorker

Umm...he's talking about buying a Miata.

posted by  giant016

What are you talking about. My bias is based off of experience, and everyone is biased.

The SBC is the best bang for the buck right now, plus they come in all shapes and size.

Youve got old school carburated Iron lumps (Gen I), then you have newer fuel injected iron lumps (Gen II) all the way to completely aluminum big cube light weight fuel injected motors. (gen III and up)

posted by  Enthusiast

and swapping a CHEVY engine into it..its his project, either way I wish him the best but it just seems hes a little bowtied

posted by  newyorker

The engine is more cost effective than throwing an import motor in there. I guess he's biased against shooting himself in the foot.

posted by  giant016

You do realise that most people here probably regard you as the most biased person on the forums don't you? Remember the whole "I'd never buy an import" thing? :screwy:

posted by  windsonian

When did I ever say anything about throwing an import motor in. I said the 13b is a popular swap and that the mustang v8 is as well but that its pricey.

posted by  newyorker

You didn't come out and say it but when you criticize somebody for throwing a Chevy motor into an import, than say that a foreign (13b) engine is a popular swap, that to me qualifies as saying "anything about throwing an import motor in". And if you can't see how thats a fair assumption I guess I overestimated you.

I was once a 5.0 fanboy, and will still say that they can be made fast for cheap, but you REALLY need to know your stuff. I think it was What who had done some serious work to a 5.0 and gotten less than anticipated out of it. I'll assume you weren't talking about the 4.6 Stang motor, or the new Mustang GT motor in either...not very cost effective.

Out of curiosity, did the FD7, or whatever the nicest looking RX7s are referred to, come with 13bs? If so, I'm guesssing you know what popular swap I'm hinting at.

posted by  giant016

The early model RX7 was I believe the FC
The last gen RX7 was I believe the FD
Im not sure about the number denominations, but I believe both used an 13b motor

The great thing about those swaps is that you get a high revving turbocharged motor with room to build, and I hear that prepping a rotary for bigger boost is not as complex as a piston engine (swap out for thicker apex seals, and a few other little things)

There have been LS1 swaps into the Miata as well with great results. Also I have seen an SR20 Miata. Never seen a 2JZ miata or an F20c miata but im sure its been done or is being done now.

Quick question. If you can put an LS1 into a miata, could you put an LS2, or LS7, or an LT motor into it?? How similar/different is the setup of them?

posted by  newyorker

You should be able to swap a LS2/6/7. What I want to see is the fabled 2009Corvette ZR1/2008 Cadillac CTS-V LS9 V8(7.0L Supercharged) get swaped into a Miata/RX/...anything really (A Fiero especially).:mrgreen:

posted by  Satty101

Its all good swapping V8's into Miatas but will the gearbox take the extra torque of the larger engine? It'll be a shame to ditch that gearbox which has one of the nicest feel unless you can toughen it up.

posted by  fudge

All the LSX and LTX motors are roughly the same size and shape, so I don't see why not. I believe it was HotRod mag that took a Solstice as soon as it came out and dropped in an LS7 and came out with a new car for less than a Corvette that ran some outrageous time.

posted by  giant016

I doubt that would be possible, seeing as how the 1.8l transmission is most likely a LOT smaller than the one of an LSx and LTx or 5.0 stang motor...even with a build i dont think it would be a good idea, plus you have to either find or machine adapter plates, then you have to consider what kind of clutch/flywheel combo to use, etc.

posted by  newyorker

Why stick with that one anyways when you can swap the bergwarner 6 speed that comes in the Camaros and Trans Ams? Besides, if you're going to swap an LS or LT into a Miata, you're probably not going to care much about how it feels. Chances are you're going for performance.

posted by  Satty101

Why not keep the stock engine until you find another daily driver?:ticking:

I mean whats the point of going crazy with transplants and mods when the purpose of the car is a replacement for the Honda?

posted by  fudge

Truth. The miata is a great car, it was made the way it was for a reason, and it makes you think and work to get the performance out of it, you cant just poke the pedal and take off, you have to plan and coordinate, and to me, the technical aspect of driving, and the strategy makes it more fun.

posted by  newyorker

I think it was more like when he can get a new car we're just giving him ideas. That and describing more along the lines of what can be done and what we would do.

posted by  Satty101

Im still stuck between miata and another F-body.

They would stay mostly stock for a while until I got my Vette, which will be the next big car I buy.

If I get the miata It will probably just get suspension stuff and easy bolt ons until I get the C5 then It will more than likely get swapped. Part of me wants to do an LS1 but another part thinks a slightly worked F20C could be fun but there goes the reliability.

The F-body probably wouldnt stay stock. First it would be full suspension and wheels, a few appearance things, then bolt ons and a baby cam, something like a 211/219 or a custom BRE one.

On a side note the Z28 is being a bitch. Everything about it is a huige pain in the ass but shes my baby so I cant get mad, just all the custom shit Im doing.

For Example, I switched to an EWP so I deleted the cam drive for the WP to help stabilize the valvetrain with all the RPMs Ill be turning. Can find a damn freeze plug to plug it so I had to get one .05 too big and work it down on a bench grinder.

Retrofitted a double roller timing chain for some stability and now I have to clearance the timing cover.

Went to different rockers, studs, springs, and lifters so god knows were even a decent PR length is to start checking for valvetrain geometry.

Who cares Ill feel better about spinning her to damn near 7K when shes back together.

posted by  Enthusiast

It's all in the spirit of modifying. Thats why I just went with simple things that a lot of people have done. I'm gonna take off throcharger before too long and just go N/A. As much as I like it, I personally don't have the ability to control the extra boost yet.

If you're really as big of a Chevy guy as I am, I'd say stick with an F-body. Mine's never been in the shop aside from oil changes and new sets of tires (I like doughnuts and burnouts. I can't help it). So you get one with low-ish miles and it should be reliable. Just make sure you know the owner history.:thumbs:

posted by  Satty101

I still say get something different. The LSX/LTX is good for straight line speed but I'm guessing you'll build a lot of Fbodies in your time.

Fuggit, I vote you get another Fbody, make it a cornerer and surprise everybody at the autoX.

posted by  giant016

Yah if I get one it will be a baby cammed full suspension car. They are alot of fun the black Z used to be a corner carver before I sold it all off.

I had a couple different setups but the best was
Strano Springs and Bars
Strano Revalved bilsteins
Pavlock Performance Double rod ended LCAs with relo brackets
Pavlock Performance double rodended PHB
A tore up set of 10 spokes with some Kuhmo V710s or 700 I cant remeber I got them used

she cornered real well and I surprised a modded miata one time by making a pass on the outside of him mid corner, yah stupid I know. He told me he didnt think the F-bodys could handle that well.
next step was gonna be tubular K member and adjustable A-arms, then I was looking into a brake swap, I didnt want C5 Zo brakes cause everyone had them but I was looking into some porsche calipers with custom brakets, nowadays though Id just run C6 Z0 brakes.

posted by  Enthusiast

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