Looking to get my hands wet, not sure what to get.

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I know very little about cars, but using the internet as a resource I should be able to have direction on anything I want to do. Hopefully anyway. I'm a fairly quick learner...

Basically I am looking for an older car to rebuild something late 60's to early 90's, I have the money to buy the necessary tools, etc, but basically I want to try and to do it all myself if I can. I like the looks of muscle cars, but I would like to actually drive this car regularly and given where gas prices are going those just don't seem to be a good idea. I'm also going to customize it, not try and keep it in its original condition. I want the body, I'll make the insides fit my style.

So pretty much I'm looking for:
decentish? gas mileage
Not insanely complicated for a beginner
more muscle looking, less.. honda civic looking.
parts that I can actually find and purchase without selling my kidneys

Anyone have any ideas for various cars I should start looking at?

posted by  Kontrik

We're gonna need to know your budget to really help you.

posted by  giant016

5-10 grand up front for the car would be my ideal budget, I can go higher if necessary.

posted by  Kontrik

I'm thinking a popular muclecar but with a V6 would suit you well. Compared to their V8 counterparts there will be TONS of room in th engine bay (easy to work on), better MPG, and cheaper to buy. The only downside is that parts for he engine will probably be harder to find compared to a V8, but still not bad. I know everybody and there mother have old Camaros and Mustangs but in truth parts are plentiful and cheap, and they're iconic cars.

Your budget wil be stretched with these cars though, you could go with less popular but still cool cars like Dusters, Cougars, Novas, etc. Monte Carlos IMHO are WAY undervalued, but your gas mileage will be horrendous.

posted by  giant016

How about a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado?

on a serious note, you could try a Thunderbird or Skylark, etc. The main problem you're going to have a loosing the battle between either style and muscle or gas mileage.

posted by  Satty101

A turbocharger thunder bird from the late 80s I think.

I think they called them the turbo coupe. They loook like ass but they are cheap and fun.

It seems like you want a lot for not ebough money. Most of what fits into your criteria dosnt fit into your price range.

posted by  Enthusiast

Cool car but FWD sucks to drive and work on IMHO

posted by  giant016

Turbo coupes are RWD FYI.

I'm thinkin a little newer and go with the Supercoupe. May only be a V6 SC but it beats a 4 Cyl Turbo...

posted by  Satty101

Learn something new everyday...I thought the 80's Tbirds were FWD.

posted by  giant016

Nope, buddy of mine has a Tbird Supercoupe (which I thought was FWD also) but they were all RWD. until ofcourse, the newer "vintage" design Tbirds. Those were FWD.

posted by  Satty101

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