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Hi, I'm in the market for a new car and I'm deciding mostly between a c230 and a bmw 328i. Right now I'm leaning towards BMW because I don't have any kids to cart around and the Mercedes just feels so, well, sedan-like. Also, the Infiniti g35 is still in the running but barely. Which car is the best? Here's a link to the exact cars..

posted by  need4speed

Well here is my take

I like BMW more than Mercedes to begin with

Style goes to Mercedes, the new C is just gorgeous, new BMW is ungodly
Performance goes to BMW. I havent driven either but in my experience, BMW has a more sporty feel to it
Price, I cant tell you about either
The G35 is also a nice car, its up there for me with the BMW

My order of preference
G35, BMW, Mercedes

posted by  newyorker

Comical really!! Haven't driven either yet "in your experience..." :banghead:

Since I happen to own three BMW's and one MBZ, I'll tell you I prefer BMW's. However there are things I prefer about MBZ (and Lexus btw) over BMW. It's the performance I like of BMW...but my MBZ does have the same pep...just a different "less sporty" feel to the drive. The MBZ feels like a tourning sedan, very soft. Of course it's not a "sporty" model. If you want service from the dealer go with 1. Lexus 2. MBZ and lastly BMW. This is my experience having owned all three of these makes. Currently no Lexus.

posted by  BavarianWheels

i have driven all of them i would have to say despite my bias towards Mercedes i would say to go with the BMW if ur going to be leaving it stock if not the infinite is prob the your best bet. what is ur price range if i may ask?

posted by  Hobojoe72

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