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The Sentra is fine but now that summer and a lot of hours are here, I want something more fun. The Sentra isn't fully mine anyway. I am considering on picking up a mid 90's 3000GT VR4 for the following reasons:

1) Reliability and gas prices won't matter too much since I won't be driving it all the time.
2) Not too expensive (<10K)
3) Fun car (manual, coupe, twin turbo, pretty fast but not light enough to get me killed).

What do you people think? Any opinions of any kind? Anything specific that is known to go wrong with them? Thanks a lot in advance for your comments!

posted by  Nissan_Altima

If you can find one that was never damaged or driven the shit out of I say go for it.

Its something like buying a F&F generation supra, only not as hard. :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

I hear they have their own issues, like any other car on the market, and that the engione bay is a bit crammed to work on it, not that you would be turning your own wrenches anyway so it doesnt matter.

Like you said the car is a heavyweight, but in a lot of cases weight doesnt have much to do with safety. The miata has always been light but its designed and engineered well enough that it stays very planted and very controllable, its hard for me to get my MSM to slide unless I am really trying to do just that and keep in mind its basically a miata with a good bit more power

They are neat cars, but take the time to find one that hasnt been abused, which might be hard. Your best bet is to buy from someone middle-aged and a car that has a maintenance history (service records).

Another thing is you might have to travel to get it, its not exactly a common car so ebay is a good bet, and you might have to get it shipped as well, but I dont recomend buying that kind of car without first seeing it and driving it.

I know of one for sale in the area, but Im pretty sure it was beat on, the kid got a 300zx TT instead.

posted by  newyorker

I was looking at them awhile back, but in the end the better looking ones were too much $ and the mid 90's ones were too much for too little. If you can find a nice one for under 10K though I'd grab it.

That being said, if I were buying a fun summer car (non-dd) I'd look for something classic and/or convertable.

posted by  giant016

edit: nvm car sold

posted by  newyorker

While we're on the topic of VR4's, what is the difference between those and the R/T Stealth's? Reason I'm asking:


Looks like it's a reliable deal and the car is in good condition. $6400 is being asked for it but I can probably get that down to about $5700. Of course it needs work (I hate the color and wheels for starters), but it looks fun too.

PS: Thanks to everyone for the input!

posted by  Nissan_Altima

They are sister cars, I have even seen people put entire vr4 bumpers the R/T. A lot of the engine parts swap as well, along with the interior. Like the ad says, they are basically the same car with a different badge. Think of it as a Mercedes SLK230 and a Chrysler Crossfire, basically identical cars with different badges.
If you dont like the color dont get it, its better to wait out and get what you want than jump on the first thing you see, I know from experience cause I made that mistake with my civic. Also those are stock Stealth R/T wheels, but chrome plated


They are a local specialist in 3000gt/stealth R/T if you have questions you can call them and ask for Hans he will help you out.

posted by  newyorker

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