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I want to buy a cheap used car, maximum 1.5k with resonable miles in the us. i think that new york is a good place to do that, because of the papers that u need, but i'm a forreign student who is in the us just for the summer and i don't have a us driver licence (only the one from Romania, that is allowed for driving in the us) and neither a stable residence (i stay in a hostel). so, if anyone knows exactly the laws and can help me with infos about how can i register a car for 2 months (because i'm planning to sell it after 2 months) concerning my status, i'd really appreciate. please.. :ohcrap: thx (if u know where can i get a cheap used car i'd appreciate that adive also)

posted by  sFinxX

I don't think you'll have a problem registering a car for 2 months, but you might have problems with insuring it, I would stop into a local car insurance company and tell them your situation.

To find a cheap car, a good place to look is and then search your area.

posted by  giant016

I think it would be easier to just rent long-term from any rental company. It wouldn't be very expensive, insurance wouldn't be a major issue, and it's allowed with an international license in most places. Much less of a hassle too!

posted by  Nissan_Altima

just wondering, do you have any idea how big the U.S. is? If you are going to buy a car in NY because it is cheaper, it will cost you a lot of mony in time and gas if you plan on going to Texas. keep in mind it could take you half a day to drive across NY.
I do agree with giant016 though, it could be rather difficult to get insurance without a perminant address.

posted by  dvdrose18

that's what i'm here for, to visit and see all the country, so it doesn't matter how long it'll take me to get to the west coast, for now i just need to register the car, 'cause i found one and now all i need to do it's register it, but in order to do that i've been told that i have to get a ny driver licence... and i'd happly get it, but my social security number hasn't arrived yet, so i can't :( :ohcrap:

posted by  sFinxX

unfortunately, if you rent, you will need to have valid liability, collision and comprehensive insurance with a rider providing your policy's coverages for you if you drive a car owned by someone else. Make sure the car insurance from your country of origin is valid in the U.S. (for examples, U.S. car insurance is not valid in Mexico and Mexican car insurance is not valid in the U.S. although short term policies are available from carriers in both countries. On the other hand, Americans and Canadians drive in each others countries all the time covered by their car insurance companies at home)

You can purchase certain coverages from the car rental company but it costs you a small fortune per day.

read this

Talk with an insurance company and your rental car company and see if they can help.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

i'm trying to buy a car, i found it already, now all i need is to register it... and it seems that i can't , i don't know how to do that... :ohcrap:

posted by  sFinxX

Call up your local RMV or DMV (registry or department of motor vehicles). They will be able to answer all of your questions.

posted by  giant016

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