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Well i have a mitsubishi Mirage 98 and im not sure i can really make it very much faster i feel as though that i might as well just be better off getting a new car but just off curiosity does anybody know if there are any ways i can make it faster?

posted by  xxmetalmosherxx

To make any signifigant gains eventually you'll be looking at a motor swap, and more or less have to strip the car. Getting a different car is really the only practical thing here. Little things like exhaust, intake, and a tune can be done, but you're looking into four-figures dollar wise for decent stuff, and you'll only get a barely noticable gain, not even close to worth it IMHO.

You wanna get faster? I highly recommend AutoX racing. It's one car at a time on a course made of cones; no danger of crashing into anything. There are different classes for different cars, you're not competing against Vettes. you'll be trying to beat the times of Grand Ams. and there is a novice class for beginners. It costs $25-$40 a day. The biggest organization for this is the SCCA which runs hundreds of events across the country, although there are other groups that do races as well.

People have no idea how much skill racing takes, even in a slow car. Go to five of these events, take in all the advice from the pros (maybe ride with them on a run or let them ride with you), and I'm betting you'll knock 1/4 off of your time. To do that with modifications would have cost you thousands and you'd still be a shitty driver.

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posted by  bullrage2003

hmm I see well as I figured getting a new car would most likely be the easiest and I probably should get some advice from pros. but its not totally about racing ya know just a way of having something that would probably be more fun just to get around but thanks alot for the info helps alot. Might as well settle with an older car I got to drive my friends '71 Dodge Charger and it was well worth the amount of gas it took to drive it but probably not one of the most efficient.


posted by  xxmetalmosherxx

no way keep the mirage and plant a 4G63T between the fenders and your mitsu will go faster..

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

Ive seen a 4g63 swapped mirage.

I think thatd be a cool swap, and itd make a hell of a sleep, heres a question though when they are doing those swaps are they stayign FWD or are they converting it to AWD?

posted by  Enthusiast

If he does that, would he have to swap the transmission and stuff as well or is it a straight drop in type job?

posted by  97Talonchik

Youd have to ask one of the DSM guys here on the board, I just saw it at the track, didnt really pay much attention to it.

posted by  Enthusiast

yeah i thought about swapping the engine but a friend told me that means that i would pretty much have to get about everything under the hood changed but it would be nice to keep it... it is a small car and if it had a big or fast engine then that would be pretty sweet.

posted by  xxmetalmosherxx

well it all up to the swaper.lol usually awd swap is kinda in the expensive side so they just stick wit fwd.

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

well the mirage has a 4g64 and the 4g67 motor which are a 7 bolts. if you want a straight drop in deal you will have to get a 7 bolt 4g63T motor and it will snugg right in the stock mirage tranny wit lil modification. but 7 bolts are really proned to crankwalk which plague all of the 7 bolt dsmers. i recomend to swap wit a 6 bolt 4g63 wit the matching tranny

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

turbo, or supercharger, or shove a leaf blower in your intake lol

posted by  muchojackdaniel

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