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Has anyone around here had any experiences, good or bad, with these bikes.
Similar to suzuki, they manufacture parts for a few other companies, make dirt bikes, quads, cruisers and sport bikes.
Here's the thing, I've never had a bike before, and with the price of fuel, I think now is the time to learn. My friend offered me a hyosung 500-650, not sure exactly what he said, for $2-300. He tells me it needs a few little things but it runs the balls and is the PERFECT bike to learn on.
I'm leaning towards it simply for the price and the fact I know this guy well and he wouldn't rip me off. However I've heard hyosung to be compared with rocketta. Which supposidly is interchangable with a honda but is dirt cheap and known for being peices of crap.
So. Anyone ever heard or had an experience good or bad with these bikes?

posted by  DBain

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