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Race wise that is, and dont preach about how its wrong blah blah you all do it at some point. Mine so far

While stock:

RSX-s with boltons
from a dig
miata got 1 car length ahead at launch, was passed halfway into 5th

Infiniti I30
from a dig
miata bogged launch BAD (almost stalled), passed easily getting into 4th

vs. 05ish 3-series bmw coupe stick
dead even..he was pulling away when i had to shift and vise versa, in the end it was too close to call

vs. ek civic coupe stick
needless to say I put a bus on him by the time I was through 1st gear and I didnt bother further.

vs 98ish hyundai tiburon turbo

He was about 5 cars behind me when he got on it, when i saw him coming up on me I got on it as well (while being in 4th gear at 40mph) 80 or so I was still 1/2 a car ahead..he had compressor surge if it matters

98 maxima auto with intake, exhaust, y-pipe
did 3 runs
Run 1 from a dig: gave him a slight headstart, passed hard going into 5th
Run 2 from a roll: (40mph i think) instantly flew ahead 1-2 cars and was steadily gaining
Run 3 from a dig: was dead even until I missed 3rd gear

With Intake and raised boost:

New Si coupe
beat by 5 lengths until 80 and let off

MK4 GTI VR6 with exhaust
from a dig
beat by about 2 lengths to 60
best part of this one was his girlfriend who was in the car with him made fun of him for losing to a miata

Subaru Legacy??
beat by...2 cars?? dont remember i had to make a turn dude tried to give me a flyby and got denied

posted by  newyorker

I don't. I'd much rather keep my licence and leave the road racing to the knobs who think they're really fast. :screwy:

posted by  Cliffy

I never said these were on the street, then again I didnt say they werent..

posted by  newyorker

I don't really race, but when I'm out with friends or something, I'll try to beat them to wherever we're going (it's usually at night) without doing anything too illegal lol

In the Sentra
Raced a bone-stock Altima about 5 miles, it was mostly straight, only two turns and I couldn't keep up. I was flooring it and he still flew by me. In my defense, I was driving one more person lol.

Against a 2003 Mazda 323 - That car is so much more powerful than my Nissan

In the Caravan
Raced a Rendezvous from Burger King to school. We weren't really speeding by a lot, but when I pulled ahead my friend thinks it would be funny to yell out COPS so I slam on the brakes and fall way behind. I took a shortcut though, and it was pretty much a tie.

posted by  chris_knows

I <3 point-point miata does so good

posted by  newyorker

Street racing iz koooool to tha max. I live my life a 1/4 mile at a time as well!

Seeing somebody on an open highway to race is one thing (stupid, but nonetheless), but going out and looking for trouble is another.

posted by  giant016

Old enough to vote and still a worthless little sh*t stain. The only people childish enough to go looking for "kills", and then stupid enough to post them on a forum, are doing everything they can to make up for deficiencies elsewhere. Yes, your boyfriend posted your shortcoming in another thread.

Street "racing" is for pussies, and for those who don't want to find out their 12 second car is actually a 17 second car... In other words, idiots like you. You aren't racing, far from it. You're out endangering innocent citizens because you're not man enough to do it the right way.

Grow up Twinkie.

posted by  vwhobo

Bolt Ons.

New Civic S1
Made him look silly

Older N/A Civic with a bunch of work
Had him by about a car

Neck and Neck

H/C LS1 Z28 M6
He got me by about a car but had way to big a cam in there

Mach 1 New edge Mustang
Missed 4th cause I was eating a mcbagel but I still got him pretty bad

A couple S197 Mustang GTs

Made Numerous 5.0s look retarded

A4 LS1 WS6
Put like 2 cars on him

Boosted E36
Ran neck and neck

Boosted NB Miata (makin about 190whp)
Came around him pretty bad

Boosted N/A Miata (had a M45 and probably made 110whp)

N/A 32V Cobra
Stomped Him

New V6 Eclipse
Raced all the time on the way back from school and beat him everytime

Boosted Auto tC
Beat him on 6.5 Pounds and Beat him on 9.5 Pounds

A pullied SVT Lightning
Had him by a car or two before my tune

A bolt on PI 2V Manual GT
Had a big goofy body kit.
It made a bunch of noise but ti was slow as shit

Another Mach1 with unknown mods outside of Nitto DRs
Got him by a few tenths

A couple gen 4 and 5 preludes

An STi

An Evo
and from a dig to

A lid catback 98 A4 trans Am
Smoked him pretty bad

A 69 chevelle
God knows what was done to it
I had some major traction issues

An A4 Convertible LS1 C5

A Boosted MR2 Spyder

A pullied and tuned Ion Redline

A bolt on WRX

Quite a Few Acura RSXs

Thats what I can remeber off the top of my head

Didnt get many races worth mentioning with the old cam, and only went to the track once.

New cam and new motor.

Toyed with a 07 GT

A GT500 wouldnt bite cause the cutout was open

And a bolt on LS1 M6 who has a bad clutch and I had a loose rocker nut (I didnt find it til afterwards) So that didnt prove much.

Really just a couple of mustangs

A Modded Lt1 tried to get me to bite but we were in a residential area so I wouldnt

posted by  Enthusiast

Who said these werent on a highway?? I never instigate shit with people, its usually when I see them trying to show off that I feel the need to put them into their place.

posted by  newyorker

I don't race either. So yeah, we're gonna get a little preachy.

Who in the hell honestly cares who you've 'killed'?

Your miserable tiny penis maybe. Keep on stroking it, some day your balls might just drop.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Well, in the 4 or so years I've had my car I've only been offered like 3-4 races randomly on the highway, so I'd say it's a fair bet that if you've got about 10 kills in the month or so you've had the car, you were probably looking for races.

And if you're going to say that you just saw these guys randomly on the highway, you must have highways with a lot of cars, so explain how so many are from digs.

posted by  giant016

we have a big highway with lights here. its split into 2 sections in each direction each of which has 3 lanes per. we usually have a lot of pricks cruising around there looking for races, and when they see a young guy in a miata, they try to instigate a race thinking its a regular miata. i usually find that after losing to a miata the retards ego is hurt and they stop for about a week..its quite fun to watch them limp into a meet and run over trying to look at the car, one guy told me i cheated because i was "spraying"

posted by  newyorker

Im not near fast enough for the streets around here. Out here the fastest cars are on the street or the texas mile.

I wish I would have got some vids of the 60-130 event a couple days ago.
One of the guys managed it in 4.62 seconds a nitrous formula did it in 5.5.

There is just to many 600-750rwhp cars running around on the streets out here.

Itd be much easier for me to build a considerably lower hp car with a working suspension that will run better at the track then the TT vipers with there pretty low pros.

Wont stand a chance on the street unless I can get the high hp guys down to a 40 roll.

posted by  Enthusiast

you're right, that makes you a much better person.....

posted by  windsonian

Just got home from a 12 hour shift. Driving at 5am is so much fun--I didn't know an automatic can hit 7,500RPM lol. The streets were absolutely empty though. I probably saw one or two other cars (I think both taxis).

posted by  chris_knows

Im sure it does. :laughing:

posted by  newyorker

With 95% of posts you make, I have to fight the urge to not post and expose you, again, as retarded. I feel that it's redundant and useless, as you argue like a little kid and then shut up when you know you've been proven wrong. Besides, it's fun to see every other member on this forum rip you into shreds.

However, sometimes I just can't resist. You started a stupid, immature thread that you knew was going to get you flamed. So, when you get flamed, why would you keep digging yourself into a deeper hole? Instead of just ignoring it and looking like a moron, you lie and become a lying bigger moron.

Let's re-read your initial post. Although you're not technically lying here, you're not telling the truth either. You know what I mean so don't get retarded on technicalities. Anyone with a pulse knows it wasn't on a track and anyone that has ever heard you speak knows you don't have the intelligence to go to one either.

Bullshit and we all know it. You know you and your highly intelligent buddies do anything but that.

For anyone interested, the above mentioned road is NOT a real highway. It is a boulevard that averages the most amount of accidents on the east coast (this is not an exact stat but I guarantee you it's up there). In fact, it is now termed a safety corridor with doubled fines and red light cameras at nearly every intersection. Why? You figure it out.

Weren't you the one who made a thread earlier this year about how someone you knew died driving recklessly on this street? Now you street race there? Could you get any stupider?

I usually find that people needing to street race lack intelligence and a real future elsewhere, thus needing to compensate.

Anyway, this wasn't even meant to flame you, but to show just how pathetic it is to dig a lack of intelligence into a deeper hole with lies and more proof of lack of intelligence. The only intelligent thing you did in this thread was ignore hobo when he tore you up. Go ahead and talk about your kills. Maybe you and enthusiast can have a little battle. So many kills and the combined IQ half of an average human being. Fun.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Ford GT

bolt ons
it gave me run for my money lol

vette(of course)
some bolt ons
had the holeshot kept it 7 car lengths through out

All these races were on the 1320
and all my races are goin to be on the 1320 only
lost to many friends to streetracing

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

Dont be a jelous prick because I am already on my 4th car, you have never even laid out a dollar for one. You dont know anything about me, my friends, or Joe (r.i.p.) so do yourself a favor and shut the **** up and sit there dreaming about your VR4 that I will rape with my little chick car anyway. You are a ****ing waste of my time, all you live on is hopes and dreams. And that bullshit about "retards with no future"...bitch please, do yourself a favor and refer to what I said before. You dont ****ing know me, you just sit there and assume and run your big mouth. I didnt buy a sports car to do my grocery shopping, but Im sure you will NEVER speed with your VR4, if you ever even get it, rather than sit around doing nothing like you are doing now. :banghead:

posted by  newyorker

NY'er just can't keep his lid on.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Driving a sports car for only groceries > being fast and furious.

LOL..."You don't know me!" Generally if you see it on Springer it's not a very good response.

posted by  giant016

Your kidding right:screwy:

posted by  Spanky2324

You wish. More like:

One thing that generally displays intelligence or a lack thereof is how a person argues. By completely blowing your composure you display that I hit a nerve. By completely ignoring my post, you prove that I'm correct and you're wrong. Most importantly, you prove that you are completely unable to address the issue and instead yell the EXACT SAME B/S you ALWAYS say. you realize you're so pathetic that there are members that feel bad for you and instead blame others for egging you on like a retarded child?

Let's spent money on 4 different cars, 3 of which you probably don't even remember now, and I'm jealous because I've been saving money up? Ok, makes sense. I know you well enough that you race on the same street that your friend passed away on while driving recklessly. You're too 2-dimensional for there to be much else left to know. Once again, there is more to life than racing and beating cars. If your Miata beats my Sentra, my VR4, or my SLR, it doesn't mean absolute sh*t.

I saw that movie too. Let's leave it to Vin Diesel to be fast and furious.

Is this even English? No joke, I don't get it. Are you saying I won't speed my car? I won't speed in my car instead of doing nothing? What? Not saying that I don't speed, but what is wrong with not speeding? Doing nothing? You do what, again? Take pictures of cars and post them on the internet as your job? I hope it's satisfying being a nobody. Maybe you're more than that in your head.

Seriously, NY'er, it's time to wake up and smell the roses. Have you noticed how every single member on this forum hates your every post? Don't you think there might be a reason. Your curse-filled response telling me to go my own car and ignoring all of the above is welcomed. Have a great night.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

posted by  Spanky2324

You're correct, NY. We don't know you. We can get an idea, but nobody can know you over the internet.


I want to meet you, NewYorker.

You still go to community college? Let me know the name of the college, and I'll stop by the campus this coming school year.

posted by  Godlaus

hey whats wrong wit sports car grocery

Im a proud owner of a 10sec grocery getter lol

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

A 335i with procede kills often. :thumbs:

posted by  SyntheticTrust


I always knew there was something strange in your pics about you. :laughing:

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I hate people who think like that.

Let me find a forum and post 2+2=5... I guess if no one disputes it I'm right...?? That makes a lot of sense.

I agree he is dumb, however you're trying too hard to sound more intelligent than him. To continue arguing with someone who is blatantly dumb and trying to prove that he is wrong (and subsequently that you are right) is worse than letting him prove his stupidity. Of course here I am trying to talk sense into you (which you are just as likely to continue arguing any points I may make).

Have a marvelous day.

Also, to the point of the thread. You're not killing anyone by racing them, you're simply winning the race. The title of this thread should be changed to "Post your wins", you murderers.

Also to the point of the thread. If you're not explicitly racing at a track, it's really tough to call it a race, you may think the other person acknowledged your head nod to initiate a race (or whatever you may do to try to instigate a race), but unless you've premeditated the race, you really have no idea. That will reduce most of the "wins" people claim. I have quite a few friends that claim they win races (even while I'm a passenger in their car), saying things like "dude, did you see that guy try to race me... I nodded and then he took off"... When I'm in the car I can't understand why they would even try to convince me that it was a race, when the drive of the other car never even attempted to "race". If they are that pathetic, I'm sure other people are.

posted by  remmargorp

Nice try comparing apples to oranges. It would be one thing if he never responded or, at least, never responded to my post directly but if he continuously responds to comments made towards him and ignores the points they make, he is indirectly acknowledging that he cannot argue those points and, thus, is wrong. This thread is an example of this but is by no means the first time it has happened.

Agreed...never argue with an idiot: they bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience. However, sometimes I just can't help it and this forum could use any activity it gets.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Oh and you guys have no ideas, the best races are the beater races.
I mean I can run wide open for miles and miles and never speed haha.

In the Accord before I blew it up

02? 4 cylinder accord

I/H/E Ford Focus


A Cavalier

And an LS2 GTO
But I didnt think he knew we were racing:orglaugh:

posted by  Enthusiast

No its a chip.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

I know what you're trying to say mate, but in this case you're wrong. NY'er has a track record of ignoring posts that prove him to be wrong, hypocritical, ignorant, contradictory etc etc ... while still maintaining a ludicrously high posts/day average. It is clearly a conscious decision to ignore these posts, it's not that he just misses them.

Under normal circumstances, you'd be making a good point, but if you stick around here a while, you'll see what I mean.

posted by  windsonian

I completely understand what the two of you are stating. I am not challenging the fact that he is wrong.

I'm simply pointing out that a lack of response does not prove anyone to be wrong, and responding to someone does not prove the responder to be right.

The guy is a joke - let him beat everyone with his "chic car"

posted by  remmargorp

Watch this douche

posted by  Enthusiast

All I could think of while watching that video was "NY'er in 15 years".

"A little chance of adrenaline rush". Yeah...I wonder if that stops once you hit the Level I trauma center.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

hmmm... I don't think you do. What I'm stating is that a lack of response usually does indicate that he's wrong.... because he responds to just about everything else.

posted by  windsonian

Yeah he hasn't posted in this thread for a while now.

posted by  Spanky2324

Maybe because he got banned?

posted by  dvdrose18

Bav, did he? My guess is he just changed it himself and left.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I gave him a 7 day break...

posted by  BavarianWheels

I am pretty sure I do.

Not replying does not prove he is wrong.

Is he wrong, yes (more than likely), but simply not replying does not prove his is wrong (another example: person A posts 2+2=4 and person B responds stating it is wrong, that 2+2=5, and person A never responds, that does not make person A wrong, and in no way does it prove person A is wrong, only by actually proving 2+2=5 would be proof that person A is wrong).

I understand you want to think you're right, and I know I am nit picking here, however you are wrong.

This is stupid, if you can't understand the concepts above, maybe that makes him right, because you obviously don't get it.

Have a good day!

posted by  remmargorp

Not necessarily depends on what the "2" the "+" the "=" and the "4" represent.

posted by  BavarianWheels

you're dealing in hypotheticals. This is not hypothetical. Many theories are accepted as being correct because they (a) have not been proven wrong and (b) have had many recorded instances that support them.
I know exactly what you're saying (I'm a pedant myself), but I have evidence of both (a) and (b) ... you have your hypothetical theory.

posted by  windsonian

You're still comparing apples to oranges. Not replying to something is one thing but CONSISTENTLY avoiding a certain part of a post proves that you are unable to adress it and are therefore wrong. 2+2=? is a general fact. If you call me an idiot 20 times and back it up and in my response I consciously ignore what you said, I either don't think you're worth arguing with or I know you're right. In NY'er's case it's the latter of the two.

We can all have a good/marvelous day as many times as we're still wrong.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

stay calm guys! Don't be angry . . .You have both points you just need to settle things . . .

posted by  full house

[QUOTE=Nissan_Altima] 2+2=? QUOTE]

FOUR!!! what do i win?

posted by  mazda6man

Its not really all that hard 2 beat some cars in a "street race" rather than at the track. For instance I have a 95 z28 convertible which sits right at a little over 300 horsepower (and no this may not be exact i have yet 2 dyno it) and a friend of mine has a 96 cobra svt with i think its a t56 or 66 supercharger i cant remember he just got it and its got 475 horsepower and i know this 4 a fact cus we just went 2 the dyno with it. But anyway i being a chevy guy got cocky and was messing around and he got me 2 race him. The road was a good 1/4 mile and i beat him by a good 5 car lengths. But be4 yall start saying no way here is my point. Racing outside the track is different cus of the traction ur tires get at the track opposed 2 off the track. Cus during our street race my friend spun through 2nd gear and me having a camaro which are great off the line:mrgreen: i was halfway down the road be 4 he started actually getting anywhere. But then we went 2 the track and his car caught traction and as i deserved he waxed my ass :thumbs: which im not sad at all cus i put alot of work in his car with him :clap: So this is why i believe this thread on "killing cars" in street races is pointless cus everything is different at the track:thumbs:

posted by  95 Z

Yes but I spend most of my time driving on the fact ive never drag raced my car at the track nor do I plan on it because numbers from the track dont always translate to the street. My friend ran a 14.1 on the track with his camaro, on the street he kept up with another camaro that ran 13.3 on a different day at the same track. Its not to say I don't support legal racing, but I think drag racing is stupid anyway, and if I do want to see who's car is quicker, its much easier for me to find an empty road away from traffic rather than lug ass all the way to the track in the neighboring state just to find out that that day they are having issues with the light, or some ****tard brought out a POS car and left a spill at the starting line...the one time I did want to go to the track with a bunch of friends they shut the whole thing down because the forecast called for POSSIBLE RAIN!

To me, street performance is more important than track performance, the track is a good place to learn, and I do support auto-x racing to improve driver skill rather than noob dodging traffic in rush hour to learn distance perception and braking distance and such.

Cliff notes: I don't care about 1/4 mile numbers because in real life they mean absolutely :asshake:

posted by  newyorker

You can sell the honda but cant take the honda out of the driver.

posted by  Spanky2324

Yea, for some reason driving an hour to a dragstrip when I have local places to go to that are safe for racing doesnt appeal to me, call it how you want it. I'm sure I will go to the track eventually, but not for drag racing...road race yes, auto-x yes.

posted by  newyorker

First your friends 14 second camaro didnt get faster on the street, the 13.3 second camaro got slower. Or possibly those few tenths were unnoticable without a timer. that isnt much time.

Second 1/4 times may mean shit unless you are paid to race but so are dang near all perfromance numbers. You think your autocross numbers mean something? No they dont.

And dont act high and mighty about how autocrossing is harder and it has more to do with the driver blah blah blah. Real drag racing isnt easy. People think its easy because of the dumbass ricers who take their 115hp civics to the strip and run a whopping 17 seconds. Drag racing a fast car is hard.

Its the same in autocross, autocrossing a bicycle would be easy cause its ****ing slow.

posted by  Enthusiast

It all depends on what you're looking for out of the race. If you want a straight line with no margin for error because it's over in under 15seconds or goto a circle track where if one lap you miss a shift or spin the tires you have a chance to catch up in the laps following.
Racing is a challenge whether it's on the strip, circle track, or from a red light on main st. That's why people race after all.

posted by  DBain

Autocross is more involved than drag because not only do you have to take off the line and shift well, you have to turn too, and brake, and not just at the end of the course....hard concept I know. :laughing:

I just dont see a point in taking my car to the track, I know what others have ran with my setup, I don't need to travel an hour out of state to be reassured of that.

posted by  newyorker

in drag u do need to turn (traction issues) also there is a lot more pressure on your shifting because evere shift is very vital. In autocross you can miss a gear but make it up on your braking/turning. One isn't better than the other. They are equally as hard. Its a preference. personally i like drag more but that might be because of my current car. If i had a slow ass NA mr2 again then i am sure i would like auto x more since the car handled like a dream.

posted by  V-Tec

Oh so you think because one guy went out and ran a certain time on a good track and probably in good air you could to. Your are the laughing stock of drag racing. Your car may be capable of a 13 second pass but I highly doubt you are, its the same as AutoX, just cause a pro can do it in X seconds doesnt mean you can. Go out and actually do it.

Plus alot of times there are alot more to setups than people let on. The little stuff really matters. Sure you may have an intake and exhaust and a guy with the same mods may trap 10X, but that doesnt mean your car will. His car could be meticulously maintained and in excellent running condition, while your may have degrading plug wires (and you wouldnt know without an osciliscope) or fouled plugs and you not even know it.

Ive seen two Lt1s with the same cam trap 5mph difference, in similar weight, and drivetrain setups.

Go to the track and Ill think youll understand.
First it harder than you think
Its also alot of fun
Its a great gauge on your motors health/power output (trap speed)
And your alot slower than you think

Ive seen alot of 100mph cars run mid 15s, just cause one can do the ET doesnt mean you can. On the old motor I should have had a considerably lower ET for my trap speed but I didnt and I can admit it.

posted by  Enthusiast

i used to be into the whole drag racing thing. back when i had my little honda that ran 16s.... sure its not easy to time each gear correctly, ive seen peple blow their engines because they missed a gear, or sadly hit the wrong gear... but track racing is far more exciting because it lasts longer, theres more action, and yes as stated above apart from going fast you have to be able to all the other things that a car is capable of doing... slow down, turn, speed up, and um... try not to hit other cars!
however i disclude nascar, thats boring. i like turning right everyonce in a while lol.
as for my kill post, i think i took out a civic on the hwy in my cressida. woot!

posted by  mazda6man

ALMS is where its at:wink2:

posted by  fudge

by almes you mean le mans? then yes, you are correct. that is a race i never miss... unless i miss it

posted by  mazda6man

The American Le Mans series is the best motorsport to watch. Was gutted though to see all the Acuras crashing out last weekend. Hopefully they will give Audi a run for their money next year in P1.

posted by  fudge

I do very much love ALMS

posted by  Enthusiast

I don't make a habit of street racing and mostly ignore folks who try to provoke me into it.

One race worth mentioning was against a C6 Corvette on the highway in my then stock Lotus Elise. Needless to say, it wasn't really close. If we had started from a lower gear at a lower speed, I would have kept up better, but not much if at all.

I just want to make a point to those saying how racing is a classless act for those who will never make it in life: Racing is not limited to a specific demographic or age group. Lamborghini owners (ESPECIALLY Lambo owners) Ferrari owners, and Porsche owners alike love street racing (not all of them, but many, and I know this 1st-hand because I hang out with the exotic car drives, etc.)

It's more a personality trait than anything. Thrill-seekers perhaps. Bragging rights. Not sure.

Newyorker, I'm glad you take pride in your car, but your arrogance is annoying. It is not the fastest thing around. Not even close. In fact, unless highly modified, it's quite sluggish compared to most. And why would you take pride in mere physics? Ie, "my car weighs 2300 lbs and has 200hp and I beat a Civic that weighs 2800 lbs and has 110hp. I AM SUPERIOR!" No, that doesn't make you superior. It means that physics did its part. What if a Porsche turbo lined up with you and kicked your ass? You wouldn't say the owner is superior to you. You'd say his car is superior and your car could not overcome mere physics.

If you beat another MS Miata because of your driving abilities, then that might be worth something.

That was a mouthful. Carry on!!

posted by  Car hippie

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