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Hi members of the forum!

My name is Max.

I have found a car I am going to purchase, problem is it's 1000 miles away. I've been working with the current owner of the car and feel VERY confident with the car.

I'll essentially be purchasing it blind - obviously I'll see the car prior to handing the owner the money so I can certainly walk away, but from the pictures and speaking with the owner it seems flawless.

I did the carfax "quick report" and it shows 3 reports, some other "history report" sites show 24 reports.

I was wondering if someone would be willing to run a history report on the car for me (VIN: 1G1AY8780C5121716)

I'll probably purchase it anyway (or decide in person), I really doubt there is anything major on the report, but you never know!

Thanks in advance if anyone can!

posted by  remmargorp

Why not try and negotiate the seller into purchasing it for you?

posted by  97Talonchik

I'll probably suck it up and just purchase it.

I was simply hoping someone might be able to run it for me.

posted by  remmargorp

I myself wanted to have a car as well. In your case I believe that maybe this is the time that you could have it. If everything you've done to know the car condition, and the result is quite okey, then go for it. During the time that you'll have it I'm sure you will be the happiest person. That's really the decision, its like a gamble. And in your case there are pre-active measures that you did. So Good luck!

posted by  MrFredzy

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