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Hey Everyone im new and need an opinion on a first car.Im a 17 yr old male.
Right I was looking at geting a civic but with most models at high prices and insurance a killer i moved on.

I looked at geting the new corsa but with a 7k budget for car+insurance that was a no go.

Then the swift caught my eye and at the time that was the car that i would have for the next few years, untill i could get my no claims up.

But then....

I found a cheeper alt.
The 2006 fiant grande punto 1.2 at under 4k and insurance under 3k im starting to think this is my best bet, im even starting to imagine myself driving one now.

Just wondering everyones opinions on the car, good and bad need em all

posted by  gareth1

£3,000 seems very steep for insurance, even for a 17-yr old male! Sound dealers offer a deal on a new car, even for new drivers. Citroen used to do this and it was very popular as insurance is the big killer for young drivers! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah insurance is a pain in the butt. Unless you're like me and your first car is as old as you. :oops:

posted by  4fingers

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