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Hey Guys Once I finish getting the dang manifold leak fix im gonna finally get the seats and carpet for the Z, and although Im still kinda leaning towards some Arizen seats or some Cobra seats but I noticed its pretty common for the Honda guys to run OEM seats from other Honda Acura cars.

I drive a RX8 and an RSX the other day and I really liked the seats.
I was wanting some ideas from cars that have pretty nice seats for performance driving, I HATE the stock camaro seats.

A pic would be nice and the cars they came in.
Id prefer a dark cloth but a black leather would be okay If I like the seats enough.

Also looking for something readily available, haha Im not gonna put F430 seats in the Z haha.

2005+ RSX Seats

Any other Ideas

posted by  Enthusiast

z4 or_frontseat_640x480.jpg

posted by  newyorker

I thought about the S2000 seats and I found some laying around for a nice deal and I was thinking about doing something extra with them like some swuede inserts and some extra bolstering on the bottom.

posted by  Enthusiast

i fell asleep in those seats. there so comfortable.:laughing:

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

The S2K seats are great in the S2K, granted that its probbably a little more narrow than the 350Z so even if the lower bolsters are softer than youd like, the sheer size of the channel doesnt let the bolsters flex much anyway. If I ever upgraded seats, it would definately be S2K ones though, I cant stand my stockers, they are too soft all around.

The ones out of the Z4 are spectacular. The only thing is, they only came on the very high end equipped ones. Of all the Z4s we have had in stock at work, I can only remember 2 that had them, one was an 05 SMG 3.0Si, and the other was an 07 Coupe 3.0Si. Find one of them at a dealership locally and go test fit them, they are great.

posted by  newyorker

those are pretty nice

posted by  supersoad1

i agree with new yorker.. and the carseats in the pictures looks very nice.

posted by  kahlua_08

the evo ix seats lancer-evolution/mitsubishi-lancer-evolution-recaro-seat.jpg

JDM ITR seats come in black red or yellow

posted by  V-Tec

s2000... now i need to get one for an office chair :wink2:

posted by  4fingers

you can never go wrong with a pair of recaros. in my opinion, theyre the cleanest look and most confortable seats. they used to and i believe still do put them in performance factory vws, audis, bmws and etc. heck, they use them at football stadiums in europe. and by football i mean soccer

posted by  mazda6man

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