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I am in Dublin Ireland and was purchasing a 2006 Toyota Celica which was imported here from the UK.I ran a history check on it and discovered that it had a `category D insurance loss- insurer decided not to repair ` listing. The car looks and drives perfect so basically I need to know if there is any way that I can find out exactly what damage was done to the car or is there any way to contact the original owner? the UK registration was ML06HXM.
Any help would be very welcome as I`d hate to lose a good car if it was minor damage.


posted by  albertbrennan

Ifr it looks and drives well there's no reason why it should make a sound buy. Insurers sometimes chose to write off perfectly repairably cars as the cost is often to excessive to warreant a repair at a body shop, but there are alot of people prepared to repair such cars (panel beater etc). You might want to use the write-off status as a tool for haggling though! :thumbs:

By the way, Cat. D is only borderline write-off, so the damage probably wasn't that excessive in the first place!

posted by  Cliffy

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