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is there any way to hook up a motorcycle exhaust muffler in a car? i cant find anyone or anything that says you can or cant.. no one has done it? if you do a dual motorcycle exhaust on a 1.8l car shouldnt you be fine? and shouldnt it sound something similar to a high end sports car? i know there is decibal laws on how loud it can be but if motorcycles have them i should be fine with that too right?

my problem is that i have a very small car with not a lot of room and the few exhaust systems for my car i dont really like so i thought a motorcycle exhaust would be pretty sweet..
so anyone have any info on if this is even possible??? if so please explain.

posted by  kkirk7290

it sure is possible to weld some motorcycle mufflers onto a car exhaust system but its not going to sound like an exotic car, just like shit

posted by  newyorker

yeah it would sound retarted. it would make your car sound like a vw beetle with a womping 1inch exhaust

posted by  DARKtEAGLE


Yeah, that's it.

Hanging bike exhausts (mufflers) on small engined cars has been around for years, since decades before the best part of DorkBeagle dripped down his mothers leg. It's somewhat commonly seen in ricer circles with dual dumps out the back and even sometimes a single dump behind the front tire. All you have to do is make sure that the ID is of sufficient diameter so as not to restrict flow. Most bike mufflers are fairly small so duals are an easier job to fab up if the room is available.

All that being said, if sound quality is important to you, be very careful. IMO, most cars done this way don't sound too good.

posted by  vwhobo

I think it is possible but as people have mentioned, it won't sound very nice

posted by  trainingwheels

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