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Specifications(THIS WHAT THEY CLAIM)
1) Increased torque and horsepower.
2) Better engine response.
3) Stabilized idling and improved engine kick over.
4) Improved fuel economy from 10-20%.
5) Comes with 2 fans.

I'm thinking of getting it for my '96 Lynx. Do you guy's think its worth it and are facts about it right?:smoke:

posted by  speeder

I seriously hope this is a ****ing joke.

posted by  dodgerforlife


posted by  Spanky2324

Why I just wanna know if anyone has any experience with this.

posted by  speeder

I helped my neighbor install a similar device on his old Windstar, and on his current Santa Fe...both times it just lead me to cut my hands from the sharp edges, and as my neighbor said "it was a ****ing waste of money".

posted by  newyorker

So what your saying is all their claims of fuel efficiency and horsepower boost is just BS?:smoke:

posted by  speeder

It works in THEORY, but something like that is just not effective...throttle body spacers I hear help a little bit, but I will wait for someone else to chime in.

posted by  newyorker

You need to ask yourself why hasn't everyone else have one if it works, the biggest flaw is that nothing is driving the fan other than the incoming air which has peanuts for spinning it fast enough to get any sort of supercharging effect.

Hook it up to a small motor and it'll make a cool desk fan in the summer. If you have already bought one then I'm afraid you have just been conned out of your hard earned cash.

posted by  fudge

When the tornado first came out which is like that but the blades are stationary and the idea is to spiral the air for better ?atomization? I bought one for my acura. 60 bucks I'll never get back. Didn't notice any difference in power or gas mileage. Waste of money.

posted by  DBain

You can look at two sides of this, common sense, and then physics.

Common sense: Even though many great inventions have come from individuals and not large companies, something making claims as great as this with a simple design as this would almost certainly be either A) invented by one of the large companies spending millions and millions to increase efficiency, or B) Be bought out by one of the aforementioned companies. Hell, I bet the airforce would be quite interested in buying it ass well, as all of their turbines would be obsolete.

Physics: You don't get free energy. You can recover lost energy (turbo), or supply external energy (supercharger). As it's been said, you need an external force acting to spin the blades. If anything they're disrupting airflow, hurting everything they claim to help. Further, turbo and superchargers spin at hundreds of thousands of RPMs if I'm not mistaken. Even if this did work, the weight it adds would probably cancel out the extra .1 hp. Providing turbulence like this MIGHT compress the air, but overall flow will be less.

Afterthought: You can get free airflow if you use Bernoulli's principal (this doesn't). I'm kind of wondering why it's not being applied.

posted by  giant016

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