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Hello there everyone,

I have been shoping for a used car that is safe and reliable. Its going to be my first car as well, so i don't want to just jump and buy a tin can. After searching I found a used 2000 Jimmy with 125000 on it. I took it for a spin and brought it to a few friends of mine to discuss some issues it may have. My biggest concern is the transmission. It was rebuilt. I took it to a guy and he said it looked good, but i'm still a little shaky with that. Its a 4WD but i'll hardy use it and i'll never put it in Low.
Is 2300 too much, just right, or should i walk away?

I like it a lot though. It rides very smooth and i think it has a nice balance of size and power.

Just curious if it is worth it since i am new to the whole car shopping thing.


posted by  JB91

The price being worth it depends on which currency you're talking about really...On the surface it seems okay though.

posted by  Cliffy

4.3 V6? I would assume automatic trans. Do those have push-button 4WD or regular transfer shifter?

posted by  DBain

Push button. should be. Watch and check the ball joints. And the U-joints. Both are huge issues with Blazers/S-10s/Sonomas/Jimmys.

posted by  Satty101

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