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in the first movie in the eclpise. does any one know how you would connect a laptop to your car to have a read out of what is going on like in the movie.

just was thinking it would a cool show mod. you know...

posted by  Cambell

You would need a cable that connects from the OBD port of your car, to the laptop USB or parallel port, along with software.

posted by  Mathew

When the OP mentioned Fast and Furious, I was expecting a wave of abuse to follow but you suprised me Mathew.

Cool thing about hooking a laptop to the OBD ports is that you can do a bit of datalogging as well and also read fault codes.

posted by  fudge

great thanks!!!

posted by  Cambell

Haha on the movie they tried to copy our dsmlinks.surprisingly they didnt copy our 2step.:laughing:

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

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