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Somehow, I am able to type this... The pictures do more then words ever will. I'm lucky that the seatbelt failed and I got thrown out of the truck. This occured on November 20th. I'm left with several broken ribs, a broken sternum, a broken scapula, lacerated spleen, punctured lung, dislocated shoulder, piles of road rash, and lots of bumps and bruises. But I'm still alive.

posted by  dodgerforlife


Glad you're at least sort-of okay.

Do you feel like talking about what happened? I can completely understand if you don't.

But again, glad there wasn't anything permanently debilitating.

posted by  chris_knows

HOLY SHIT!!! What the hell happened? If you don't wanna talk about it it's cool, but then I don't understand why you wouldn't if you started a thread on it. Glad you're (kind of) OK dude.

posted by  Satty101

This is all that's been told to me. I can't remember the last two weeks or so of my life right now.

It occurred during work, I was apparently driving the truck after finishing a water well a few hours from home. Came down a small little hill, and then the road flattened out, and then had a slight turn....from there, best they can figure is that my truck took a nasty hop on the shitty road, tire then caught the edge of the shoulder, dug in, and then pulled the rest of it in with me.

Tank was found over 50 feet away from the chassis of the truck, as was the trailer. I was thrown out at some point in time, and was left basically in the ditch.

Apparently all I wanted to do when EMS/RCMP showed up was get up and walk around. They wouldn't let me lmao

posted by  dodgerforlife

HOLY SH*T! Glad to hear you're alive. Wishing you a quick recovery!

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Lady luck must have been on your side. Most people would have been dead being thrown out of the car(apart from that guy who flew out of his Corvette as it plowed into the back of a Semi). So I guess being off work you'll be around this forum alot whilst recovering.

posted by  fudge

Yeah, someone up there was definitely watching over me when that happened! And yeah, I'll probably be around more for the next few months as I heal up.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Good to hear you are ok..crash looks to have been pretty brutal.

posted by  newyorker

Good to see you are still alive, and hope you heal up nicely.

posted by  dvdrose18

Wow, glad you're okay(ish)...Judging by those pictures, you're very lucky to be alive!

Take care and rest! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Holy crap! Haven't been on in a while so I am just reading this. I am glad your still kickin, hope the recovery is going well.

posted by  Voda48

Thanks for the wishes guys, recovery is going well, albeit slowly lol! The bones are basically all healed, I can finally lay down in relative comfort these days :)

There's what appears to be more fluid in my chest cavity, so i'm running on about a lung and a half right now, hopefully i'll get that aspirated in the near future.

My knee and shoulder are still messed up quite a bit, have an orthopedic referral, got to wait another two weeks for that though.

I also found out in addition to all the other bones I broke, I managed to get compression fractures on my T9 through T12 vertebrae, so I'm really lucky to still be walking!

posted by  dodgerforlife

Damn thats bad. The Big Guy must have really been looking down on you. Hope you have a good and quick recovery.

posted by  speeder

WTF is with everyone randomly coming back?!?!

Glad you're doin better Dodger. It's always good to hear!:thumbs:

posted by  Satty101

Wow. Just wow. I can't begin to imagine how much pain you must have been in for the last few months. Amazing that you survived that sort of accident, looking at where you had been sitting. Good luck on getting fully recovered. Just remember, as much as it is painful right after it happened, it'll soon be a bad memory fading fast. It'll sure give you a new perspective on living, though.

As for the big guy watching out for you? Where was he a couple moments before, when it could have been prevented? Wasn't watching that closely, apparently... :laughing: Seriously, there may be a reason for this pain. When I was burned in a car fire (I was a passenger in a car that almost literally exploded), and spent 6 months in a wheelchair, I was forced to sell my shop and change careers. Because if that, I'm probably better off in total. Never would have moved here and met my wife if I had stayed the way I was going. So...

posted by  ChrisV

Doc's been pretty generous with the happy pills, but let me tell ya, when I managed to get a few hours of sleep, and woke up with those worn off, yeah I was hurting like hell. It's not so bad anymore, it's mostly just my shoulder and knee that cause me pain, and as long as I'm careful with the shoulder, it doesn't bug me much at all.

There's one picture there that shows where the drivers seat ended up, pressed forward against the passenger side of the dash, because of the way the cab crumpled. I'm seriously lucky that the seatbelt failed and I got ejected, otherwise I would've been a smear that they would've had to scrape out of that cab.

Fortunately I have no recollection of that day at all, so to be honest, I have no idea of what it was like, and it's probably for the best, I'd hate to relive that accident, over and over.

I can't imagine having to have gone through what you did though, but at least some good came from your experience. I'm definitely changing my views on life a little, and taking the accident as a royal kick in the arse to get things in gear, seriously looking at UNM for Civil Engineering now, chances are I'll have to hold off until the fall of 2010 to start, because of the rehab process and whatnot, but at least it's a good place to start changing my life up. Hell, if things go well, I might end up relocating to there permanently, not like there's much going on here anymore, the only thing that we have going on here is the oilfield boom that's about to happen, and big deal, I don't want to work the patch again.

posted by  dodgerforlife

One can only assume that he realised he'd let the accident happen, and as such decided the least he could do would be to watch over dodger from now on, lol.

Glad the recovery is going okay, Dodger!

posted by  Cliffy

thanks god that he save ur life.

life is more important then anything for ur nearest.

take care


posted by  heresunil

Whoa, glad you're ok. That's a nasty wreck. Hope you keep recovering, good luck with school in the future :thumbs:

posted by  jedimario

It's been over 5 months now...and things are going okay I guess. Let me fill you in.

I guess I was wrong about the accident really. The RCMP couldn't really figure out what happened, nobody else knows, and I sure as hell don't, thanks to the hard hit I took to my head. Best anyone, and me(without the influence of painkillers) can figure, is that I just came into the curve on gravel a little too fast/hot, and the tires of the truck or trailer grabbed the soft shoulder, and pulled me in, and away I went.

The injuries...well that's another story. The dislocated shoulder is slow in healing, it's getting better, now I only notice the changes week to week at best. I might be able to stretch it a little further, or might not be as 'tired' or 'sore' doing my rehab workout. It's definitely still weaker then it was. I used to be able to lift 50+ lbs with my right arm, now I'd be lucky to lift 15lbs.

As for my back, my x-rays last week showed that my vertebrae still have compression in all 4 of the vertebrae. The crappy part is, that might never change. And that's the injury that they're being most cautious about, as obviously that can do the most damage to me long-term. So far, not a peep has been said about surgery, and I would like to keep it that way, except the pain/stiffness doesn't seem to be getting any better with time, and I'm set to see an orthopedic surgeon on May 7th, who might have more answers about it.

One other thing that became apparent after my painkillers wore off was that my right knee was giving me problems. From what my doctor and physiotherapist can figure, I completely tore the LCL, which is why I probably don't always feel pain, or a grinding/popping sensation, while my knee still gives out several times a day.

Chances are, I'll probably be sent for an MRI for all of shoulder, spine, and knee. That, combined with other tests, will hopefully give my doctor a clear picture of what exact damage I've done to my body. I have a two-day assessment coming up next week, in which I'll see a physician, advanced physiotherapist, chiropractor, and psychologist.

I've got my license back...I had it suspended for nearly two months for medical reasons, and I got my class 5 back - that is, standard vehicles(cars and pickup trucks). I haven't pushed to get my class 1 back yet, the equivalent of an american CDL, there's no real reason for me to get it yet.

This past week, I had to go to 'work'. That is, I went in Friday for four hours of bullshit paperwork. Nothing like my real job of drilling water wells. I'm supposed to go in next week too. My schedule for next week blows looks like this:

Monday: Work from 8am-12pm and physio from 2pm to 5pm
Tuesday: Work from 8am-12pm
Wednesday: Multi-Assessment from 8am-Mid Afternoon
Thursday: Multi-Assessment from 8am-Mid Afternoon
Friday: Work from 8am-12pm and physio from 2pm to 5pm

Right now, things are royally screwed up for me.

My multi-assessment 'might' push for a tertiary rehab program, which would be 5 days a week in the gym....but that's highly dependant on what the orthopedic surgeon says, so either I'll be going to the gym every day for 6+ hours, or i'll be going to work and the gym every day, or I'll be sent for arthroscopic surgery for the knee. Too many options for the time being, I'm stuck in limbo until all my assessments and tests are done.

As for work... That's a mess and a half. Let's see if I can explain the rigs.

Let's see, the truck I rolled....they replaced the truck, trailer, and bobcat. They bought a newer truck and bobcat, and a brand new trailer. However, the new water truck wasn't so great... So they've now bought a brand new truck for under the drilling rig, and put the old drill rig truck under the old water tank.

So if you can get that....

New truck, old drilling rig
Old truck from drilling rig, old water tank from old water truck
Brand new trailer, newer bobcat.

The old water truck without the tank, trailer, and bobcat, are completely written off.

As for working itself, that's kind of an interesting thing, the bosses wife, who is the secretary, doesn't seem too bad to deal with. However, I don't hear the end of any of it from anybody else working there. Not exactly the most friendly work environment ever.

Anyways, just thought I'd give you guys an update, I'll know more in a couple weeks time once all the specialists have seen me and I've gone through the myriad of tests.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Eh, at least you're still around to tell us what's up right?

posted by  jedimario

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