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I am going to build a nice quick street truck and i wanted to know opinions on the 327 vs the 350. The most i will be towing is a tent trailer or a bed full of wood, i drive quite frequently so something a little more fuel efficient would be nice.
to my understanding the 327 is quicker in the low end but doesnt have much for power on the highway, where the 350 is slowing down low but flies on the highway.
is it worth doing a cheaper 327 (or rebuilding one) to replace my 350? or should i just continue with the 350?

posted by  cowman85

Personally I'd say stick with the 350. The 327 won't give you a noticable difference in fuel economy and from what I've seen, the 350 has a bigger aftermarket for performance parts.

posted by  Satty101

I also agree that the 350 would be a better choice. Parts for both are readily available.... but the best route I've seen is to buy an assembled create engine... each are designed with specific tasks in mind and you know ahead of time the output. Also the prices are so economical, that it is nearly impossible to build one cheaper yourself.

posted by  corbett_auto

Shit, being out of e-town, i'm suprised you're not cranking a 7.3 or 6.4 powerstroke, jacked-up and blowing black smoke up and down white mud ave!

That said, stick to the 350. With the economy tanking, but alberta + sask staying ahead of the bullshit, you can easily afford to put wrench time and parts into it, and as noted, the fuel economy difference is negligible, and at the prices we're paying, affordable!

posted by  dodgerforlife

im in the beginning stages of building a mudder truck trying to find out what is the better motor to use and why a 350 or a 327 im looking to put about 350 horses into it, asking for over all performance and cost friendly

smoothie   22 Dec 2012 01:14

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