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All right I am new to this whole car customization thing and while I have a few hook ups I still have some questions that they can't answer. They are mainly a custom paint person. Anyway I was just wondering when I'm looking for rims there are so many price differences. As long as they have the same bolt pattern will they be able to fit on my car? Is pro. installion recommened or is it a matter of just bolting the tire on? What kind of specs do I need to look for and what is a good price range for about 20"s. Can you really trust the online rim dealers or where is a quality place to go?

Thanks for any help in advance.

posted by  diamondback2k9

Well, as long as the wheels have the same bolt pattern, you can bolt them to the the car. HOWEVER, Without doing some other modifications, you WILL run into issues. Depending on the vehicle, 20s may not be able to fit under the car without rubbing. If they rub, say goodbye to your tires.

Another thing is stopping. Unless you upgrade your brakes to a bigger system, the car won't be able to stop as fast as it should. It will also take more power to get the bigger wheels moving. So you'll see a decrease in fuel mileage.

Another thing is your speedometer will be off. With bigger wheels I believe it will show you're going faster than you really are. Then we move on to tires.

Most likely, you will NOT be able to put them on yourself. Once again, depending on your car and your preference, you will have to run a low profile sidewall tire. Most in the 45-35 range. Anything under 50 is considered "low-profile" and will need a special tire machine to get them on. Another thing on the subject of tires, is they get VERY expensive. Tires for...oh, say a 245/40R20 can range from 200 each to close to 900-1200 each. Depends on quality, name brand, dry/wet/snow/ice traction rating, temperature rating, and wear rating.

All in all, these are the BASIC expenses you would be looking at with going with bigger wheels, if you want to be safe. Sure people out there get big wheels, have someone put on cheap tires, and slap them on. But doing it that way, is simply not safe.

I could tell you more of things you'd need and maybe not need if I knew what kind of car you had...

posted by  Satty101

I have a 2000 Ford Explorer. Right now it has the stock rims on there which I think are 16's. I saw some good deals I guess on but I would much rather do business local if possible. I wouldn't mind going with some 18"s

posted by  diamondback2k9

Ok, chances are your tire size is 255/70R16. 18s would be a much better choice simply because there is less to worry about.

You would be able to just bolt them right on with no trouble as far as rubbing, provided you go with a smaller sidewall. I'd go with something around a 255/50R18. 255 is the width of the tire. 255mm across. 50 is the a percentage. in this case, it would be 50% of 255mm. This gives you the height of your sidewall. R18 is obviously the rim size. 18". Ok, now the the teaching is over, with something like this, you wouldn't run into any rubbing issues. Tires would still be expensive, from 300-500 each depending again on brand and quality. I just look up the size on and found 2 pirellis on there. $370 to $393 each. And again, you'd have to have someone put it on the wheels for you.

As far as your brakes go, stock SHOULD be ok. and you won't lose too much power/mpg with 18s. It will stop slower with stock brakes, but it should be ok. Just have to get used to it.

The speedometer WILL be off no matter what size you go with, unless you stay at stock 16". The truck was set up for that size from the factory. I've heard that some techs at shops are able to calibrate it to accept the bigger size. I don't personally know, since I buy aftermarket wheels of the same size as stock.

All in all, look at spending about 1500 for a decent set of tires, installed and balanced, when you need new brakes, get the higher end brakes (Spend a little extra to stay safe. It's ALWAYS worth it), and have someone adjust the speedometer for you.

Hope that helps you!:thumbs:

posted by  Satty101

I went to that site in your post and it couldn't find any rims that would fit my car.

posted by  diamondback2k9

They don't have wheels for the Explorer. Which I find strange. I was there simply looking for what tire size you had stock. You'll probably have to find a website that has the size/style you want, get them, then look at tires and such. I would just google "aftermarket wheels" and see if any other site has wheels for your truck.

posted by  Satty101

What do you think about the website


posted by  diamondback2k9

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