good car for under 10 grand?

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10 is the limit

i just want a fast car. there are some early 90s mustangs on craigslist that would be a sexy ride.
butt also i snowboard and skate and like to drive friends so maybe 4 doors?

So fast and 4 doors under 10 grand?

sorry if this is a noobish post this fourm gets every minute.

posted by  supatupa

I can't even begin to make a reccomendation with requirements that broad. Give us more info about the kind of car you want.

posted by  jedimario

Find a bugeye WRX, not fast, but no slouch either and they have a TON of aftermarket support...i think you can get the bugeye in a wagon as well.

posted by  newyorker

maybe a 1999 bmw 3 series. civic si. vw gti.

posted by  chaibill

Impala SS. Nuff said.

posted by  Satty101

Gran Prix GTP, 4dr with a supercharger.

posted by  corbett_auto

I found a chevelle on craigs list for $5500.... and then I lost it. :(

posted by  Hunter246

the impala and the GTP are both great pics, unless you want something lighter or an import, perhaps a police interceptor? parts should be dirt cheap and plentiful and its already heavy duty, just throw some extras on and you should be more than happy

posted by  cowman85

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