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Before i could Drive i always saw street racers out. alot of times i would watch them drag race down the street or sometimes drift. well now, racers around me don't race any more. me and a few of my friends are the only ones with balls to race. people with bigger motors than me and i know will beat me never want to race either. it's deperessing. i understand that i could get in trouble, big time. but that doesn't really bother me. racing is fun. i'm sure any one could agree. i just wish people would race on the streets again. i see alot of rice around with no get-up. i only got some mods but my car isn't that bad. for any one who reads this thank you for letting me rant. i just find it sad that the only place i can race is on a track, and i could never keep up. but track racers did say that if i had a fast enough car i would be able to win a couple. so they don't doubt my skill and know around a car. any ways.. i just want to know that there are street racers still out there, runnin the streets.

posted by  and085

The biggest problem I see with street racing is that most people that do it do not think about the fact that there are innocent people around that you could hurt. Just last week there was street race in Charlotte that ended killing 2 people. You have to know your surrounding! Pick the right place and time. And most people out there do not understand this.

And another little known fact, did you know that if you are caught you will loose your car? It amazes me how few people I talk to that know this.

Be Safe!

posted by  corbett_auto

My main problem with street racers is that most of them don't even know how to drive properly and are thus a danger to the general population. Coupled to that the fact that they race on normal highways where there are other road users around at that time and its inevitable that accidents happen.

Track days imo are alot more fun as you can push your car right to the limit without the fear of cops as well as causing danger to other road users. The forces you experience when driving on the track is night and day(even for a stock 1400cc Peugeot) compared to driving on the road. I also managed to drive a few laps around Donnington Park last year and I must say it beats street racing any day.

posted by  fudge

Street racing is for punks who don't want to find out that their 12 second Civic actually runs 15s. Occasionally punching it off the light can be fun. Street racing, however, is retarded.

posted by  ChrisV

Street racers have small willies...Nuff said.

posted by  Cliffy

The penile expert speaks out...

posted by  fudge

With all insults aside, I recently managed to co-drive on a scatter rally organised by a local motorclub. I thoroughly recommend doing this as its a lot of fun driving along country roads looking for clues whilst keeping an eye on the clock and map.

posted by  fudge

Well, I could not see any street races when I was in US but when I had gone to India and Srilanka, I have seen huge racings.... there people do not know how to drive... they never follow the rules etc etc, those cause huge accidenets.... Actually, the buses are on race there.....

posted by  Jack Lewis

On Clarkson's Motorworld the driving test in India consists of driving down a road with a few bends and that's it! Definately not for the feint hearted driving in India - I rather use an elephant to get around.

posted by  fudge

About 10Mi out of town we have an abandoned Military Base were we turned a Landing strip into a drag strip lol. We've also been working on a drift course

posted by  Hunter246

it's very dangerous

posted by  jocurimasini

if you pulled up to me and wanted to race and there was no bacon around with a fairly clear street, ABSOLUTELY :laughing: , i know it can be dangerous but there comes a risk with everything and the question is how well do you know your limits?

posted by  cowman85

Are you retarded?

posted by  99integra


you know street racing is a form of illegal auto racing, which takes place on public roads. it can be spontaneous or well planned coordinated.
Main issue is with the peoples who are residing in that street or some what near to that, mostly kids they are just roaming in the street, or playing their got affected, sometimes they injured.
so i suppose street race organise with a proper manner, and having scheduled like people knows earlier and be sure no ones have affected with your enjoy.
Enjoy But Don't Disappoint Any One!!!

Have a nice time a head!!!!!!!!!!

posted by  Lisa Wilson

Everyone knowing driving thinks that he is the most perfect and skilled driver on the street but it is just a miss-thinking. Driving safe is more important than driving fast. I never concentrate upon the racing my car on maximum limit, though I know a can drive much faster. Why? Because someone wants me back safe.

posted by  shubh

There should be many top racing athletes in your India!

posted by  Justin220

Lol maybe but only 1 driver has made it to Formula 1. I guess they like to keep it to the streets. Another problem with organised street racing is that it attracts car thieves. I saw on a news clip that they will spot a car they want and follow them home.

posted by  fudge

go to Kosovska Mitrovica (Kosovo-Serbia, Balkans) and witness "Mitrovica roulet" because this is probably the most dangerous and craziest race in the world:banghead: :laughing:

posted by  sprocket

"Racing is like sex, all men like to think they're good at it." It's only natural for people to want to compete at something like driving. Not everybody can do it in controlled environments, so instead, they do something stupid, which makes it all the more interesting.

posted by  Apples

Lol heard that on Top Gear last night, it's so true.

posted by  chris_knows

the whole street racing thing appeals to kids when their young untill they see the financial part of what it costs to first off purchase a car, pay for the parts, and then the ticket when they get caught. ha i'm not gonna lie when i first got my licenses i thought my blazer was the fastest thing on 4 wheels ha with my 4.3 vortec but 80 in a 65, a ticket, court costs, points on my licenses, and ridiculous insurance on anything i try to buy quickly made me realize that driving fast just isn't that cool ha, now i go more or less for car audio.

btw- good call on the top gun quote ha

posted by  hhsrastler92

I hate Top Gear

posted by  fudge

I hate you.

posted by  99integra

I hate your face.

posted by  fudge


posted by  99integra

Street racers is one of the most problem in our country.They caused so much accidents.And they are illegal!:doh:

posted by  ysabel

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