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Ok, i inherited a 04 pacifica and im looking for ways to increase hp and gas mileage at low prices. Any ideas? I was looking at air intakes like cyclone for example, but some peaple say its a fraud?! Well any ideas on how to increase my hp and or gas mileage would be very helpfull. Thxs

posted by  AlexNewman

Cold air intake and full exhaust. Then there's always weight reduction.

You really can't get both hp and fm. The options I've listed, are ways to get both, but it's going to be so miniscule you'll probably not notice.

posted by  Satty101

Two other great things are a free flowig air filter (k&n or similar) and switch to synthetic fluids. This is usually good for a few MPGs.

posted by  corbett_auto

ok well what are my choices for higher HP without sacrificing milleage at a reasonable price? Because its a gas guzler i certainly dont want less miles per gallon... thxs

posted by  AlexNewman

i bet you that you would see a difference after installing those two and tromping on the pedal

posted by  cowman85

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