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Could someone tell me if parts off a 2000
xj8 Jaguar will fit a 2002 Vanden Plas Jag
Looking forward to this info

posted by  thejagbunny

not sure, but it would be helpful to know what parts you are interested in swapping.

posted by  corbett_auto

The Vanden Plas, due to it being a higher trim level, had a number of variations in the trim (different grille and rear trim, differnt interior, etc). it was also only available in the long wheelbase form, so if the XJ8 that you're looking at is the short wheelbase car (most were) then a number of body and mechanical parts are different. The engines and transmissions are identical between the XJ8 and the standard Vanden Plas (though in 2002, the top Vanden Plas used a supercharged V8, but those cars are labeled as Super V8s).

Depending on what you wnat to swap, most parts should fit, though often there are legal issues with swapping an older engine to a newer car.

posted by  ChrisV

I wasn't aware that the Vanden Plas name was brought back....

posted by  Cliffy

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