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i'm new here after year just being a guest.
This is my first post. Can really water be powered a car? It's real? Or just scam?
I'm searching on the internet to find out more info about this rumor
but i'm also get many famous product like, and etc..
that claiming his guide already help over 10k success people convert their car to be run on water..

i'm so confusing right now..
so any one have more info about this? or we can share knowledge how to setup my car to run on water..

thank regards :D

posted by  johnmckeyl

Well cars do not really run on water but rather Hydrogen. The idea is that you can extract the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atom using an electrical current. They tried a few of the internet ideas on Myth Busters a while back. I do not think they were able to make any of them work. They even tried running it off of pure Hydrogen from a bottle.

posted by  corbett_auto

well i dont if you can convert your car into running on water but bmw has car that they are working on right now that is h2o powered!

posted by  h0nd@f@n85

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