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this is a reply to the miata fan, and not intended as as a negative come back, but im not a miata fan and i do think they are girly, but i also know what lies under the hood! and at the end of the day, thats all thats matters. i havent had the chance all kinds of cars like you or most people, but i did have a honda(90' integra to be exact), and i bought from my uncle with 348000 miles(hey it was my first car), and eventually swapped the motor(only), put another 20000 miles on the chasis, and only changed the break pads and oil. its nothing to brag about because maybe it would have fallen had i gone another 20 feet. but it never leaked anything and i would put a honda up against the miata any day. i know the miata is light, but it is only gonna make close or over 200hp with boost or spray! now i said disregarding the s2k, wich comes with the f 20 motor and puts anywhere from 220 plus, im talking about the b 18c or b 16(type r).both put 185hp to the wheels but the b 16 reaches 8500rpms at its ahift point. maybe you have raced hondas and beat them, but i can almost gaurantee that the work that was done to them was insignificant(like intake and exaust). two cars that i can tell you i have raced against so you can kinda use your imagination, was a 96-97 mustang(not the gt), and 04-05 monte carlo ss. now mind you my car only had 126 hp, but i beat them both easily. now i kinda dont count the mustang because the v6 dont really put nothin out, but my point is honda can do everything the miata can do. i think honda vs miata would be one heak of a show down. and the race could go either way!

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Ok...uhm...I'm assuming you're talking about Newyorker as the "Miata fan". I have to be honest, I have no idea what point you were trying to make..

posted by  Satty101

Me too....:screwy:

posted by  Cliffy

Which Honda? I'll just assume Civic.

Roadster vs. ...whatever the Civic happens to be
lighter vs. light

ect ect

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posted by  fudge

In my experience the car is only 1/2 the equation...... driver skill is the other 1/2. This is why a 126hp car can outrun things which should not normally be capable. Either you are really good behind the wheel..... OR the other drivers had no clue of what they were doing. (I suspect the later).....

Or another just as plausible reason is you were the only one racing.

posted by  corbett_auto

Go test drive a new one and then come back and tell us what you think :banghead:

posted by  cowman85

Can't believe I missed this haha

Not that the OP will ever come back but on 7psi, I was walking away from my friend's CRX (weighed in at 2060lbs) with a B16 with a built head.

posted by  newyorker

Great weekend, ye-e?:thumbs: :clap:

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