Home  \  General Chat  \  Clue-less i drive a 1992 caprice classic and i hate looking for a car with....some only problem...i dont know what to get and im not bill gates when it comes to money....any help or advise would be great

posted by  ZERO-ZULU

Down here the box is very desired. :wink2: Whats your price range?

posted by  99integra

What don't you like about it? Instead of buying someone else's problems, take the car you already know and use the money you would spend on another one and make it into what you want. If speed is what you crave, you have a good platform. Parts for that car are very easy to come by and very inexpensive.

Or are you lokking for something with a different look? What floats your boat? Classic muscle, Japanese, Italian, European.....

posted by  corbett_auto

Well dont get me wrong. i love the car. its a smooth ride and theres not very many around. but...(i dont want to sound like a conformist) i want a 2 dr manuel with some keeping the caprice but i need a fun car. idk what tho

posted by  ZERO-ZULU i want it to be my own creation, you know?

posted by  ZERO-ZULU

Foreign or Domestic? Modern or Classic?

How Cheap? $500, $2500, $10,000?

Here is an old saying the I feel is very appropriate in your case:

"Speed costs. How fast do you want to go?"

It almost sounds like you want a custom car. Below are a few links to a full frame Opel GT w/ a 350 we are doing for a customer.

Opel GT ( 0TSW%20Croft.jpg)

Engine (

Full Frame ( .JPG)

posted by  corbett_auto

Yes!! I love the body and it looks like it has alot of potential. but im still unsure about stuff like insurens. like im paying $100 a mounth for the caprise....i kinda want to take a step back and servey my options on all aspects. i have a saying id like to put on my "fast car" BUILT NOT BOUGHT. i dont want people thinking "o look anoher rich kid riding in what his mommy and daddy bought him" i want them to take the time of day to look more then once. im not in it for attention. by the way thank you for your help sofar

posted by  ZERO-ZULU

do you have any idea the potential a caprice classic has? you should look into it more, the only downside is that it will always be big and heavy but it doesnt have to be slow!!

posted by  cowman85

so far it hasent done much of anything impressive....even with the govener gone its still a pile of ****. unless u can show me otherwise

posted by  ZERO-ZULU

LT1 engine swap with emissions legal mods (if you even have to meet emissions there) can pe pretty rapid and look fairly decent for not much money.

Some police car or SS supension components can make it handle decent, too.

posted by  ChrisV

agreed. it dose look nice. but what about gas...i just spent 50 bucks on gas and its only been a week or so...its hard on the wallet

posted by  ZERO-ZULU

You get the right parts and fuel mileage shouldn't be that much worse. My Camaro still gets 20-25mpg and it's pushing close to 550hp. Depends how you drive it. Besides, the LT1 is a good platform to start on.

posted by  Satty101

Depends mostly on the gearing.

posted by  99integra

I agree, anything with power will not be easy on gas. But the LT is a really good balance and reasonably priced.... if you feel like putting more $$ into it go LS.

posted by  corbett_auto

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