What type of RACE TIRES shoud I get?

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Hey everyone,
I run my Nissan 350z in B Stock in Autocrosses, but I need some help on tire choice selection. What do you recommend based on the modifications that I have done to the car? here is the digital garage to see mods:


I currently have BFG G-force Sports in rear 340 treadwear (245/45/17x8)
fronts are Direzza Straspecs 200 treadwear (same)

I need to beat this RX-8 that has some Khumos

posted by  stevenj2025

Don't focus on beating other cars just drive your best and focus on driving, not winning. The star specs (dz1) are great tires, I'd get matching ones for the rear. Most SCCA regions allow you to race on slicks (if they are stock size) and remain in the stock class, that will certainly give you a nice advantage.

posted by  newyorker

Yeah, but i cant help the competition!

posted by  stevenj2025

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