Dry Ice on the Intercooler? Would this really work?

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This guy put dry ice on his intercooler, does this actually give you any additional horsepower? I wouldnt think that it would make much of a difference since the hot air would probly melt anything it touches anyway. Besides, aren't you supposed to use gloves when handling that stuff?
The bad thing is, on his first run he snapped his tranny. I was wondering if this had something do do with the dry ice intercooler, but who knows....


posted by  stevenj2025

Dry ice is used to temporarily keep parts cool, Formula 1 teams use it to keep the radiators cool as the car fires up on the and before it moves off. This is due to them producing allot of heat and also the fact that those cars are not designed to sit sationary.

That setup should produce more horsepower until the stuff melts away as you get more dense air coming into the engine. Don't think it was the reason why the tranny broke though, Impreza trannys have a weak spot (usually 2nd/3rd gear) and are very prone to breaking due to the high torque loads when Auto X these cars.

posted by  fudge

wow I didnt know that about f1!

posted by  stevenj2025

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