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Ive been yelled at before because my systems too loud in my subdevision. I have just got a new Eonon stereo ( .com&utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=forum). I can deal with that. But cruising down the main road today i had it loud, however i like it. Theres a guy in the turning lane when im going straight who honks at me, so being an idiot i honk back as i cruise by. I get back from the store and he pulls up in my driveway and tells me he knows people and im "gonna get it" my question is this...Do you guys think it needs to be turned down unless your the only person on the road? I keep it down in the subdevision cus i know its not a good idea but on the main road?

posted by  Justin220

Usually, when you're driving, it's fine to turn it up, but if you're stopped at a light or in a residential area where people can hear you, you should turn it down..

posted by  chris_knows

Yes you're so right, I'm take more care of my sound volum now, only turn it most loudly in the high way. That's the only free place for me!!

posted by  Justin220

ha i had the same problem so i installed a switch, whenever i'm in heavy traffic or neighborhoods i keep it off(not to mention my truck's already had an attempted break in) then as soon as i get outta there just flip the switch and boom =]

posted by  Tackett

I agree to chris_knows.It's better to be in right place to be safe and find people for help.

posted by  ysabel

i agree but then again me and my friend were in the industrial area at night jsut cruisin no one around a car passed us and later we had a cop pull us over for a complaint. i think some people should get over it if you in a busy area you will here your car for a minute or two in residential yeah we turn it down not to bug people but then again they will not hear it for long jsut depends on the type of people you have around you in my mind ....

posted by  shangybear

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