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i've got a base 96 eclipse, as soon is i got it home the engine started knocking well i go an bring the car to my house an the car decides it doesnt wanna turn over, i know that i'm gonna have to replace to motor an the wire connector from the 02 sensor cause i seen that once the car was on the jack, i'm hopeing that it may just be the starter at the moment. i started it then turned it off, then not even ten minutes later i go to start it up and the car doesn't turn over, we go get some no-knock and the battery charged and it still won't turn over. so any input?

oh by the way it's a 2.0L DOHC

posted by  Tackett

sorry for the double post but..............

that's the project you could say, not bad for 1800. well after another look over an a few more of my buddies taking a gander at it i may be able to get away with replacing the rods an a few other select things with that assembly just to get it running so i can get rid of the $200 dollar car payment a month with the $165 full coverage insurance payment. but after spending a day doing CBT's (Computer Based Training) at the base today i decided to take a small break an look at what could be next in line, both door handles need replaced, but if i'm going for more of a show car look should i go with shaved handles an automatic doors? for keep it simple an replace the old ones? then the interior is clean but i'm thinking i want to go for maybe a leather interior as well as the dash and accessories in a silver or carbon fiber? then with me being from the south side of columbus in ohio, car audio is a huge thing. and after taking a closer look as to how he "has the car wired to push anything" i noticed this guy is a complete jackass and i'm gonna have to redo all of it. he's running a 18 gauge wire to his fuse box and instead of installing it properly he has in tucked under a fuse, the power wire is only 18 gauge as well. basically if you were dumb enough to even think about running a amp to it you'd short it every time. i mean i love the body style and the parts for these cars are dirt cheap, i just didn't realize the hole i dug myself into. well then it comes to the exterior, the front bumper was shaved way too high so he could drive the country roads so i'm gonna end up replacing that, possibly lambo doors, then the paint. it was recently "re-painted", ha well let's just say you can tell the past three colors it was. so using the connections i built through out high school and military training i can get a pretty decent deal on a legit job. with that being said i think a white would really set off the interior and black rims. then after all that is done a complete engine swap would be in order and looking into a few things i'm starting to lean toward a 2.4L turbo DOHC, so i can keep the gas mileage decent (better then the 15MPG i'm getting now) well with all this said any input from you guys? i know it's a complete turn around from my past ha for those who even remember (use to be into nothing but domestics) but with the economy the way it is and me starting college and getting off active orders it seems like 4cyl. is the way to go. so please no flaming on how riced up it's gonna be, because i'm not gonna lie, i know next to nothing with engines so it's gonna be my learning experience, i went into the military for electronics, so if you have any help on what to add performance wise i'm open to anything. so thank you in advance, i know there's guys on here who know their stuff and i'm simply asking for help

posted by  Tackett

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