how much would it cost to rebuild a 1970 cutlass supreme

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I have a 1970 cutlass supreme that I plan on rebuilding and i just want to know how much that might cost. I will be doing most of the work on it myself except for the interior.

Now i plan on completely striping the car and putting all new parts on. That means engine, transimission, exaust, axels, etc.

any ideas

posted by  joker1211

before anyone can even give you their wildest ball park guess, you need to be a lot more specific about what you are starting with, what you want to put into the car, what you want out of it, and what kind of quality you want. Show car, race car, street rod, Concours d'Elegance, daily driver... it all depends on what you are looking for.

posted by  dvdrose18

im taking everything out stearing column, transmission, axels, engine, exaust, all electrical wiring, everything must go.
i am replacing it with everything new and i mean everything. im trying to make it into a drag/street car all the power and dependible.

posted by  joker1211

So you basically want to take the cutlass shell and turn it into a street legal drag car? Performance isn't my area of expertise, so maybe others here can help you better than I can. However, I will still offer my :2cents:.
If you want to build a car purely for performance, you are better off looking at your budget and seeing how effectively you can use it.
just the engine can easily set you back $10,000.00
$3,000.00+ for the trans
$3,000.00+ for the rear
$4,000.00+ for suspension
$3,000.00+ for street legal exhaust
$1,000.00+ for the wiring
$2,000.00+ for the steering
$4,000.00+ for brakes
And this is just for basic performance parts, never mind labor, as you are apparently very new to this. If you are looking for serious performance, you will probably want to upgrade the chassis as well.

Starting completely from scratch will be very expensive up front, especially if you are not experienced and able to do the work yourself. depending on what you are starting with, you might be better off slowly improving what you already have. gain a little experience, learn your way around a car, build connections, and spend the money as it becomes available, and you don't have to wait several years before you can start to enjoy the car.

posted by  dvdrose18

ya you are right. but i do not plan on doing this right now i am about to start going to collage for my automotive service tech degree. so i eventually will be able to do most of it my self. so what i am trying to find out is if i should be expecting to drop 20k or more???? thank guys

posted by  joker1211

$20k would be on the low side if you do only the basic stuff and can do ALL of the labor yourself. If you have to hire out labor for the things you can not handle like paint, body, roll cage, welding, etc.... expect to pay a premium for quality work.

The things that end up costing the most will be the little odds and ends: fuel pumps, fuel lines, ignition system, seats and racing harness, gauges, etc.... what ever you set your budget at.... you will end up spending about double when all is said and done.

Good luck, take your time and have fun. In the end you will appreciate the hard work.

posted by  corbett_auto

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