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First off this is going to sound a bit confusing. But here is my problem:

Close to a year ago my fiances father passed away and had a car that he was paying on, and was actually late on a lot of payments to the point where they were going to take it.
But he passed before he had called them for them to pick it up.
And for the longest time now we have been trying to figure out who to call to sort this out; to either finish paying what's owed on it or to have them pick it up.
We believe it was from GMAC and had been calling with all the info; name, VIN and what not and they say they have no information on file.

And we have no other information about this car and have no idea what to do in order to legally keep it.

Is there any way to obtain a title for this car to keep?
It's just sad to see a decent car sitting for so long, and not being able to drive it.
And would our local DMV be of any help?

posted by  ZombieVixen

There is no paperwork? bills? bill of sale? nothing that would have any any information on it?
The title is probably held by whatever financial institution that the car loan was from. Your local DMV should be able to tell you who that is. Otherwise, you should be able to go to whoever he bought the car from. However, taking possession of the car may not be as cut and dry as it would seem, as you would need to see if it is included in the will, or if he has other debts that need to be paid off.
Not in any way an expert, just offering a little food for thought.
My sympathy for your loss

posted by  dvdrose18

The lien holder is noted on the title. So a trip to the DMV with the VIN should be able to find out the lien holder. Then go from there..... As has been said buying the car may not be cut and dry, but it worth a shot. Good luck.

posted by  corbett_auto

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