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I own a 05 ford escape and i dont like it at all.
I am willing to spend 10,000 on a new car thats 2000 and newer but I looking for a fast car that will last.
Ive been looking at some audi's and bmw's but I heard matiance is expensive on them, any suggestions will be appreciated. I dont really trust Japanese cars but please help me out.

posted by  NickC1

It seems like only yesterday that we were shooting the current Miss FC, Gemma Newman, (err... that’s because it was – all) and that got us thinking; it must be about that time when we have to launch this year’s comp.
Yep, it’s the biggest title in the world of modelling and we’re wasting no time in teaming up with the boys at Wolfrace Wheels to find the hottest honey to represent both of us throughout the 2010 season.
You’ve seen us launch the career of many a top UK model and right now it could be your chance to grab the prestigious title and all the fame and fortune that comes with being the face of Fast Car.
We’ll be running entry rounds over the next few months, before taking eight finalists to the eliminators where we’ll seek out the best, and bin off the rest!

posted by  davies

Hi, for a fast car that is not Japanese, hummm let me think. Well European cars are expensive to maintain overall. I had a few myself, used to have a 325 convertible, and M3 cabrio, then moved to a Porsche. My experience European cars are well build and it will last you a long time. Especially the Porsches but the oil changes are 400 plus. I would certainly recommend BMWs, 325 or 328, for more affordability. If you are located in Toronto area, you can browse through my friend's dealership at http://www.whitbymotors.com they do carry some imports such as Nissan Maximas, Lexus, VW, and Audis.

posted by  ricki65

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