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Hey guys,

I don't use forums very often, but I normally get good advice from this website. I was hoping that some of you could help me out with a vehicle I'm trying to sell for my mother.

For some bizarre reason she bought a brand new 2008 Hyundai Tiburon. I think she quickly realized that it was not a good fit for a 45+ year old women and she's barely driven it. (7,800 km) She's tried selling it, but she obviously hasn't been successful yet.

I'm just wondering what you guys know about the value of this vehicle? I'm not familiar with the car scene, and I'm just wondering what the general "vibe" is? Please let me know any details/biases that are out there. (Ex. "The silver ones suck," ect. )

A little more info...

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Make: Tiburon (GS Sport)
Colour: Silver
Year: 2008
KM: 7, 800
Transmission: 5 speed
Interior: Cloth
Warranty: 7 year extended... glass/paint coverage
Condition: Obviously in mint condition.

So what am I looking at? Where should I start pricing?

THANKS for any advice/help.

posted by  '89Camry

I would check the Autotrader site for a rough idea, which I just did, and there's an '08 GS Sport in Red Deer listed at 20,000, and a couple others for the 17-20K range. =1&kto=2000000&category=4000&mk=HYUNDAI&md=TIBURON&yfr=2008&yto=2010&pfr=0& pto=9999999&postal=&distance=&city=&pro=AB®ion=&type=province&dm=7&mph=& rentalOnly=false&pricedOnly=&pl=true&dl=true&coao=&amvoq=&isparts=false&sea rchStatus=used&videoonly=false&view=list&subregionlabel=Ontario

posted by  dodgerforlife

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