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Hello, me and my friend are new to the world of cars we do not have licences yet because were are still to young. We are intrested in fixing up/maintaning cars by ourselves, we have made about 1000$ each to buy a car to fix up before we get are licensesm, what RWD car that is easy to fix and to add accesories too(V8's body kits, seats). We are looking for a car that has readily avaliable parts and is under 1000$ not working?

posted by  vanboys

probably your best bet is to keep an eye on your local Craigslist/classifieds/used car dealers. Cars of such little value don't often even make it onto ebay, as they are probably worth just as much in the scrap heap, especially if they are not running. Cars that where cunning where probably clunker specials, so it might be hard to find a car with that budget. Your best bet might be something like an old Beetle. Older cars are easier to work on, and if they have a big enough fan base, parts should be easy enough to find. Other possibilities: Mustang II, 70's Celica, AMC Eagle, Dodge Dart, Chevy Corvair.

Now I understand these where probably not the cars that you where hoping I would tell you to get, as you where probably inspired by The Fast and the Furious (who else would want RWD with body kits and seats), But with your budget and level of experience, the above mentioned cars are probably a better fit for your needs.

posted by  dvdrose18

its actually not what we had in mind to start but after a little research we have discoverd this was the cheapest way to fix up cars buy the nonworking 1970's ones and get them working again thanks for your advice we are probably gonna find an old MG or an MGB to fix up thankyou.

posted by  vanboys

Okay, I gotta question for you smart guy. If you didn't really want an answer to your question because you think you've already got it figured out, why did you waste the time and bandwidth? Just to see yourself type?

No need to answer, the question was rhetorical. Stupid child.

posted by  vwhobo

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