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ok i am new to the site and i have read threads which have helped me out. a little info to help with this i am 16 years old and male about it haha. I have been looking at some RWD cars since i want to get into drifting but have heard to many opinions. My main choices were a v8 mustan (1995 or newer) and a rx 8. My problem is i get mixed hearing about those cars. So i turn to this site to get help. What i want in a car is a manual transmission with some balls (kids at school are caulky i beet em but want to waste them). i Also want to learn to drift but have no idea where to start or what type of car to lok at. My price range is from 0-12000 dollars so i would like some opinions and thanks for your time :)

posted by  shangybear

Hi Friend,
I am Hazel. i remember , one of my friend (charls) was crazy about drifting and he finds Nissan Silvia S13 the best cars for it. Hope this will help you. I am new here and i am crazy to discuss on automobiles, you add me as your friend.


posted by  hazel.smith24

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