New look for the miata

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After keeping it so functional, I wanted to try and make it oh so fashionable so I decided to "slam" it. 0_4612945_n.jpg
became 6_1778382_n.jpg 7_4170849_n.jpg 8_7185028_n.jpg

Can't get the rear as low as the front so it's gotta get raised up a bit to match, then a roll, spacers, and maybe wide 0 offset wheels in the rides great for being about half an inch off the ground on the bottom, drove over an apple in the street today and heard it shatter under my car..I love it!

posted by  newyorker

Lookin' good!

posted by  Cliffy

raised it a tad, still low. spacers next

My pinchrails have seen better days :laughing:

posted by  newyorker

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