Why Do Cars Overheat?

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I'm just wondering, what's wrong with an engine getting too hot? Suppose all the rubber belts were replaced with metal chains, and the radiator were removed. I'm thinking that unless the lubrication can't work (catches fire) at temperatures that high, or the engine is inefficient because the air gets too hot, but there could be ways around that, right?

posted by  chris_knows

Well the metal itself is not impervious to heat. If there's no cooling, stuff will warp, expand, seize up, cylinder head will crack, etc.

posted by  Bubba

I see...I was thinking since jet engines run at really high temperatures, car engines would be made of similar materials, but looking back, that sounds kinda ridiculous lol

posted by  chris_knows

The "temp" gauge in your car is your water/coolant temperature. Oil can start to burn at higher temps (performance and synthetic oils combat this).

posted by  newyorker

kia canaval is always going to high temp.specialy at stop position and push brake within 5 to ten minuts the tempetrature is going to up 3/4 on the meter.but if start to move in 10 meter its going back to nornal can you help me pls..thanks..

florence   10 Aug 2012 13:23

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