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well some of you may remember my white buick century. about a year ago I sold it and turned away from Front wheel drive cars forever.

My next move might be away used cars in general but more on that later...

These pictures are a full year old but I havent done anything to it other than removing the mud flaps a few weeks ago because they were falling off.

It has a 3.8L shitty V6 and a 3 speed shitty transmission with a shitty overdrive. nothing spectacular about this powertrain at all, 145hp and 14.5 MPG is nice and square though.

I only paid 1800 bucks for it and it had 306K on it ( about 317K now)

the body is very good for the age/mileage but the suspension has been mildly clunking since I bought it and I don't plan on fixing it because I know a money pit this car will not be.

I wanted to get away from FWD and I did. (Thunderbird+canadian winters=great driving)

After a year I'm looking for whatever else, its a good car (or I'm sure it was at one point) but I don't need a lazy 3700lb large coupe when a scooter would do the job for me.

Interesting Fact: Aside from the Vette, car's on my platform (cougar/t-bird/markVIII) were the only american cars with independent rear suspension at the time and the platform was designed to take on BMW's 6 series in the late 80's or something like that.

I'd buy another only If it was a supercoupe in perfect shape. Not a regrettable purchase though.

posted by  nighthawk

Since I'm home from school now and nobody had been here yet I might as well add my Sig is outdated as well, the grand prix is still just sitting here and I'll probably be getting rid of it in hopes of finding another project or a DD/project combination if the price/car is right. I don't know what direction to go from here honestly.

posted by  nighthawk

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