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ive been wanting a RWD car for some time now. ive been looking through the classifieds and realizing with a lot of the car companies making the transition from RWD to FWD in the mid-late 80's, or just stopping production on RWD cars i dont really know what cars to watch out for. if people could compile a dummy list of RWD cars from say the 85-95 area it would help a lot. im thinking more a long the lines of sleeper cars too. the buick V6's, etc.

or alternately, just suggest a good RWD car that could be attainable for less than 5 grand. and no weak 4 cylinders. my friend had a corolla sr5 and it was fun but lacked a lot of power. thank you.

posted by  chloroform

nissan 240sx. Turbo those 4 bangers and see what you get.

posted by  importluva

There seems to be this comman mis conception about I4 engines, there has been more modern development work into these engines than most of the other configerations and therefore they are alot better than the average american seems to think.

For example i if you were looking for a sports car with RWD then a good option would be the MR2 transverse midengined RWD. It depends on what you are looking for. If you want to really drive the car then it would be great fun, but if your just going to go from point to point then its not what you need.

I think we need a bit more infomation about what you are looking to do with the car, how many people you want to carry? Do you want to be able to move a washing machine in it?

Are you closed minded to the posiblity of a proper car (ie soemthing that isnt a yank tank).

Do you want a manual or auto? How much maintainace are you looking to do? Are you looking to tune the car? What sort of styles are you looking at? What distance's you want to travel, and what sort of roads? Are you looking to tow a boat with it? All these things go into advising what is the right car for you.

posted by  cinqyg

'85 Celica GTS; more power than a Rolla, great 36 MPG , can be faster with proper gearing, only weigh 2,500lbs.
'85 Supra; easily turbo'd, great 8 way adjustable seats, power everything, even the automatic tranny barks and slides into 2nd gear, can give ya way more info if you want
the old Z cars! sexy beasts, there's a 280ZX turbo t-top for sale down here for $600
300ZX, yummy
240SX, yummy
Mustang 5.0

you want a sedan?
Toyota Cressida, same engine as the Supra
Nissan Maxima (1984 model was RWD had same engine as the Z cars)

posted by  TanyasMkIISupra

in england the 240 SX is called the 200SX and comes as either a 1.8 or 2.0 litre Turbo instead of the SX 2.4 litre usa.

240SX/200SX/180SX S13 are all gud stuff

the Corolla levin/trueno AE86 is also cool

Id recommed either of theese 2 cos they are cheap fun and also there kick butt at drifting if that floats ya boat. :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

It appears you are not very fond of 4 bangaz. Importluva probably susgested one of the best RWD 4 bangaz wich is the 240SX. But if you wan't something with alot of power a TwinTurbo 300ZX should be sufficient. Might be a looker to find for under $5k

posted by  DSMer

the nissan 240sx's are sweet. i know the japanese 4 cylinders put out a lot of power and are lighter. a definite possibilty. i was gonna get a 1983 datsun 280ZX at one time but couldnt get the funds together in time :doh:
the old celicas and supras kick ass and im always looking out for them. 300ZX's are yummy.

the MR2's are really cool. i'd look into one. as long as it was in decent condition. and yes something like this is what im looking for. i like to be able to drive fast. something i can throw into corners and accelerate out of. im lucky i have a lot of nice windy roads around where i live so i want to take advantage. i really want it to drive, im not going to be putting it to work hauling stuff. MR2 has enough room for me.
if i gave the impression im a nascar watching, american boat driving, narrowminded, redneck im sorry. im from canada but the 2 door, v6, turbo, RWD buicks they made around 86 are appealing to me. yes, nothing against the jap imports. i happen to like them.
i can drive, so manual transmission would be preferred. standard on most imports anyway yes? a little maintainace is okay with me. i'd probably be doing something on it even if id didnt need any. tuning is a possibility. i probably would do a few things to get a little more out of the engine. not a lot though until i get enough money to do it right, suspension, flywheel, differentials, you know?

posted by  chloroform

Datsun Z.... might I say EXCELLENT choice(to bad you could'nt get it). Those cars have good handling and a nice beefy engine. I plan on owning one of those and restoring it visually and mechanicly. I know a guy with a Red 83 Z, hes got all the sides shaved with a body kit. I think he has an RB25 Turbo in it. Nice cars, if you don't come across a turbo you can always swap a better engine in.

The 240SX Nissan would be your best bet. Its a good driver for under 5 grand and you could carry groceries or what have you. You probably won't be able to find a 300ZX 2by2 for under 5stacks, I'm sure the n/a motor has a turbo available but you're talking about power so I assumed the TwinTurbo version would be best. A Corolla AE86 is cool. Good for drifting, they are tiny and probably easy to handle so I'd assume it would be a "fun to drive" car.

If you were going domestic I would almost have to demand you get an IROC-Z Camaro :wink2: . I'm not to clear on all American cars stats, as I look at them for "nice ride" cars. Meaning, if I bought one it would be decked out in the trunk with sounds and cool tvs everywhere,whereas if I bought an Import(Asian Preferablly) it would be decked out in the engine bay.

I'm to poor to afford a European import at them moment. Speaking of, if you have 5 grand a Porsche 944 would be right up your alley. I don't know about turbo under 5 grand. N as far as performance goes, I've never really seen any Porsche performance parts(then again i've never really looked if you get what I mean), but I'd have to assume there has to be some out there for that particular model.

posted by  DSMer

944's are very nice cars, with (cramped) seating for 4 or 5 (I don't remember). They have a fair amount of aftermarket performance accessories. One of my teachers is selling his '87 N/A 944 in good condition for $3,000. I just saw another 944 in town up for sale for $3,300.

posted by  abless

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