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Well, I don't need a car yet, considering I'm about to be 14 in 20 minutes, anyway, just a quick question. I have always loved cars, but that's not that point of my question, which car lasts the longest. My step dad has a toyota truck from 84 with about 500,000 miles on it, and it still runs good, not great, but runs none the less. But I just want to know what car would be able to get like 700,000 miles, or less, or more than that, I heard a mercedes could, any suggestions?

posted by  L2006

Honestly, nobody can say. I've seen Chevy Berettas that have lived past 400,000 miles with no major repairs. Geo Metros, Mustangs, any car can really last a LONG time as long asd it's taken car of.

posted by  Satty101

Very true. If you take care of the car it will last. Perhaps a Asian like a Honda or Toyota could last longer than a Ford, but it really just depends on what you would use it for, and how much you could spend on grade of oil, and overall cleanliness. :thumbs: :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

Volkswagen :mrgreen:

posted by  lectroid

my dads semi haas 900,000 miles on her

posted by  talongod33

i new a guy with over 900,000 miles on an old Toyota Corrola

posted by  mark_X

toyotas have a very good reputation for survival..... thats the first thing ill say.

next, ive heard that the original VW beatles can survive even without water (though i wouldnt recommend that to make them last a lifetime), but im sure those are survivor cars too.

other than that, i blame the owners for cars that dont last.

posted by  Inygknok

My friend had a Mercury Tracer that finally keeled after 500,000 miles, which is an amazing thing for a Mercury in my book, but yes it really mainly depends on upkeep. There is no reason a Ford cannot last as long as a Toyota, as long as you take care of it, but for the simple car owner odds are a Toyota is going to last longer because for some reason they seem to require less upkeep to stay running for insane amounts of miles. In fact I'll be happy if I ever have a car that passes the 200k mile mark and is still running.

posted by  Flame Roller

Many people say Hondas are reliable cars. But a lot of times, owners abuse or modify them for racing(especialy early model Civics) and can end up causing problems or major repair at low miledge . I think it all depends on how you treat them. But ,I know that in genetal import cars come with less defects than domestics.

posted by  zook83

There is no real answer to this question, but I'd have to say Volvo since the 1966 Volvo P-1800S holds the World Record for most mileage on a car.

posted by  What

[QUOTE=Inygknok]....next, ive heard that the original VW beatles can survive even without water (though i wouldnt recommend that to make them last a lifetime), but im sure those are survivor cars too....[QUOTE]

I hope your being funny.

To answer the question: Like anything, it all depends on how well you take care of it. Maintenance is key.

posted by  theman352001

a car to last the longest ??? first you got to go BIG , some sayed that people have a corolla 900k miles , but how many times have he done the piston rings changed , ? a 4 cil engine , there is no way for it to last 900k miles with out a rebuilt at least 4 times in its life time, , lets go to the original question ,a car that has lasted the longest with out an engine rebuilt ,? it has been found that the engines to last longer they have to be big coz they rev usyally low at highway driving , and 6 and 4 cil rev higher and the faster the engine speeds the shorter it lastes so as i sayed before the v8 engines have prov that are the longest lasting engines ever , specially the simplest ones like the old fashionpush rod american v8 , there is a silverado out there with a million miles on the dash , with no engine rebuilt and still runing great, so this subject is not a jap business , the chevy small block is the engine that has won endurance races the most , in its life time second is ford and third is dodge , and in gp euro races the vette is going really far so far that tsome of the european cars that the vette races with , are using the LS7 engine belivet or not ,the followin brands use a vette engine and its funny but the C5R vette races vs them and are ; the aquilaCR1, the AspiraF620, the mosler mt900,and the arashAF10, the jap cars have never gonne so far in racing endurance , coz of its weak 24 continuos hours recistence , and dont get me wrong , coz the reazon i bring up racing , coz is a way to see wish car brand lastes the most, if they last endurence racing, then they are the best, european like porche are at first ,and fight is usually against vettes or any other lemans stiled car with a vette engine under the hood,but people get so fooled with the jap cars , specially yongest ones, like honda kids , subaru and evo, you loock at what older people drive , they own experience and they only drive v8`s for a reazon.by the way the tundra 5,7 v8 is a chevy based, made in california USA, you talk about lasting engines , dont loock more.

issa bendeck1   06 Nov 2012 01:32

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